Why You Need To Add Social Proof To Your Brand’s Site

Adding social proof to your brand’s site is an incredibly effective way to increase conversions. People trust other people. It’s as simple as that. Whilst slick marketing, snappy copy and impressive stats can woo an audience, what it really boils down to is real people and their opinions – this is where social proof comes in. As any good marketeer will know, adding social proof to your brands site is a critical way of gaining your customers trust and adding credibility to your product and services.

What is social proof and how does it work?

Social proof is an evidence-led marketing technique. The idea behind social proof draws on the idea that people are heavily influenced and motivated by other people’s decisions and habits. For example, you’re more likely to buy a coffee machine with good reviews or an endorsement from a well-known influencer or celebrity. Social proof therefore, takes advantage of people’s innate inclination to conform and adhere to other people’s choices.

How to leverage social proof to drive conversions

Social proof provides your audience with the reassurance they need to guide them through to the point of purchase. This is why social proof drives conversions. There’s a variety of ways you can add social proof to your brands site.

Here are five ways you can add social proof to your site:

  1. Celebrities and influencers – leverage a celebrities or influencers expansive network and platform to get your product in front as many people as possible.
  2. Friends and family – encourage customers to share your product to their own networks by incentivising them with discounts.
  3. Experts – utilise social proof from individuals who have a demonstrable record of expertise in a field relevant to your business.
  4. Users/customers – promote positive reviews from customers/people who have tried and tested your product. This is the most relatable form of social proof, as your customers will be able to identify with people just like them.
  5. Crowds – there’s power in numbers.  People generally trust brands that have a lot of customers, so if you have a sizeable customer base, use this to your advantage!