5 Reasons To Use A Social Media Aggregator For Your Next Event

A social media aggregator is a tool that enables you to bring together content from various platforms and moderate them from a single point. This enables you to interact with your audience in real-time.  Posting in the heat of the moment creates a sense of community which encourages continuous engagement.

So, why should you use a social media aggregator for your next event?

As an event organizer, you're looking for exciting ways to get your audience, both physically at the event and online, hooked to your event. A social media aggregator comes in handy here. All you need to do is to incorporate a customized live hashtag and a social media wall in your event.

A social media wall is a screen or screens that display content from social media platforms at an event. A live hashtag is a word, phrase or sentence preceded with the # sign.

When you combine the two, a live hashtag and social wall, powered by a social media aggregator in your next event, you can reap incredible benefits.

1. Real-time engagement

It's no secret that a great event is not great if people aren't talking about it days after its completion. If you intend to have an awesome event with exceptional results, look no further than great engagement.

Social media aggregators like help you run live hashtags that provide next-level engagements in your events. By incorporating customized live hashtags; attendees can use the hashtag to talk, share and ask questions about your event from various platforms. This content can then be displayed on the social wall to encourage engagement.

Displayed posts give your attendees their 15 seconds of fame, resulting in excitement and continuous engagement. They can even share pictures of their displayed content with friends who are not even in the event, attracting greater participation in your next event.

Researchers have proved that in today's fast-paced world where words and accomplishments often go unnoticed, a simple acknowledgement boosts engagement and inspires action. Being able to have social posts interacted with in real-time at an event with their peers gives attendees the attention and acknowledgement they crave.

Keep your attendees engaged by posting questions and topics for them to discuss and answer. Post captivating content that attracts and maintain the interest of your audience, giving them more to discuss. The more entertained your attendees are, the more likely they are to keep talking about your event

2. Return of Investment

An engaging and entertaining event may boost your return on investment. For example, if you intended to increase your market, the more people who tweet about your event, the more likely you are to increase your market reach.

Viral tweets and posts have a way of attracting even those not interested. All it takes is an influencer to pick up a tweet and share with their audience to suddenly boost your brand awareness.

Plus, if you're showcasing how engaging and interesting your event is by using a social media aggregator, you might just find that your next event is even bigger and more effective than the last.

3. Market your brand

Social media displays of your brand (around your event) give your content the engagement and marketing it deserves. Those not already following your content across certain social media platforms may opt to do so. This increases your influence across social media platforms.

When creating these social media displays, make sure you're posting relevant and engaging content. If your feed is just filled with things like "Hi, we're at XYZ Event, don't forget to come by to see us," it's not going to be very effective.

Show off your social skills. Pull in hashtags for your event and your most popular posts. Prove that your brand doesn't just market, but also builds relationships with customers and fans.

4. Identify your target audience

Displayed content enables you to see which of your content is better and which needs improvement. By gauging how your attendees engage with your content, you get to know where you need to make the necessary adjustments. This helps you understand your market.

Before the event, create different types of content and/or posts that you want to test out. You don't want to just start haphazardly posting random content in hopes of finding what works. Assign secondary hashtags to organize each type of post. Make sure they're not obvious, such as #Test1 or #Test2.

Use your social media aggregator to pull in all these test posts. Of course, your test posts are also going to be engaging content about your brand and the event.

Once everything is done, see which types of posts got the most engagement and from what demographics. You'll learn quite a bit about your audience and what they want from you.

5. Market your sponsors’ content

Sponsors can utilize the event's hashtags to showcase their brands, products, and services from whichever platform they choose. Content displayed on the social media wall is bound to attract engagement and interaction that your sponsors need.

In the end, as you increase your brand awareness and market so do your sponsors. Make sure you're being a good partner by sharing social posts about your sponsor and sharing their content too. Together, you can build a social wall, with the help of a great social media aggregator, that showcases the best of both of you.

Bonus: Easy to set up

While all the previous benefits have been mainly about your brand, it's important to look at just how easy this marketing and engagement strategy is to set up.

It all starts with a custom event hashtag. It should be some combination of your brand and the event name. For instance, if your event is Tell It Like It Is, your hashtag might be #XYZTellItEvent or #TellItLikeItIs2019. Obviously, you'd use the date of your event and replace XYZ with your brand name.

As long as the hashtag is memorable, you're all set. Now, it's time to start using the social media aggregator for your next event.

Typically, you'll need to enter custom code onto your website to start gathering social media content. By using your hashtag or hashtags, the aggregator knows what to pull.

Once you have that part set up, you just need a large TV or projector screen. Showcase your social wall for everyone at your event to see. With everything coming up on your website too, it's easy for non-attendees to still keep up with what's going on.

Final word

All said and done, social media aggregators can make or break your event. With the right social media aggregator powering your social wall, you are sure to get the kind of buzz your event, and brand, needs.

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