Top 10 Instagram Plugins [+ Easy Install Guide]

Over two billion people visit Instagram monthly for its highly engaging visual content. 72% of these Instagram users rely on the platform’s content to make buying decisions. Your brand can use this status quo to its advantage. How? By showcasing Instagram content on your website that highlights your brand's successes in assisting and satisfying customers. This will boost your brand’s appeal, authority, and trustworthiness. The simplest way to accomplish this is with an Instagram plugin.

What’s in this guide:

  •  What is an Instagram plugin?
  •  Top 10 Instagram plugins
  • 3 Instagram plugin examples
  • How to add an Instagram plugin to your site

What is an Instagram plugin?

Instagram plugins (or Instagram aggregators) pull content from the social platform and display them on your website. You install the plugin on your website and link it to your IG account or favorite hashtag. The plugin will then gather content from your Instagram and display it wherever you want on your website. The displayed content may include videos, images, and other assets posted by you and other Instagram users, such as your customers.

An Instagram plugin provides a hassle-free and effective solution for displaying social media content to enhance your website’s visual appeal. Also, using the plugin to bring social media to your website can increase user engagement. How? Visitors no longer have to leave your site to research your brand or product. Instead, they can view social media users’ reviews and experiences on your website.

Prospects rely on other customers’ feedback to determine a brand’s authenticity and trustworthiness before making purchases. Seeing the positive experiences of your past customers shared on Instagram will convince prospects that they can trust you to satisfy their needs.

Top 10 Instagram plugins

Several Instagram plugins are available, and the variety of options can complicate choosing the right one. We’ve compiled and compared the ten best Instagram plugins to help simplify your search for the perfect solution for your goals and needs.

1. Curator


Curator is the go-to social media aggregator for brands that want an eye-catching display of their Instagram feed on their websites. Its Instagram plugin is super simple to install to pull videos, images, and comments from Instagram feeds, mentions, hashtags, and more. Besides websites, you can install the Curator Instagram plugin on apps.

You can also get Curator plugins for your other favorite social platforms, such as Facebook, X, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok. The tool’s versatility makes it the perfect solution for gathering high-quality user-generated content (UGC) that enhances the public perception of your brand.


  • Embeddable feed: Curator lets you insert an Instagram feed wherever you like on your website or app. The process is as simple as copying and pasting the embed code on your page. It works on most website types, including websites built with WordPress and Wix. Also, you can customize the embedded Instagram feed to match your platform’s aesthetics.
  • Content moderation and filtering: Curator lets you choose the Instagram content that appears on your site. You can set up the Instagram plugin to automatically reject duplicate posts and posts that contain profanity or other unwanted elements.
  • Fun templates: Curator offers several social media feed templates that you can adapt to match your standards. You can preview each template before picking one for displaying Instagram content on your pages.
  • Rights management: Curator’s rights management tool simplifies getting permission from creators before using their content. It prevents issues such as accusations of copyright infringement.
  • Analytics and real-time notifications: Curator immediately alerts you if your Instagram plugin disconnects. You will also receive reports that reveal audience behavior and your best-performing posts. The insights aid in making adjustments to optimize your social media feed’s performance.


Curator has a generous forever free plan that offers 24/7 customer support and the option to connect to Instagram and two other social media feeds. However, free plan users will have "Powered by Curator" branding on their feed and no access to APIs to embed Instagram on apps. You can remove the branding by switching to Curator’s $25, $59, or $200 monthly plan.

2. Mobirise


Mobirise is a free website builder software for Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. The platform offers the option to populate your website with social media content through its Instagram plugin. Even if you didn’t build your website with Mobirise, you can still use its Instagram plugin. On the downside, this Instagram plugin doesn’t come with built-in analytics or moderation tools for filtering displayed content.


  • Responsive design: Instagram feeds added with Mobirise display properly on all devices, including mobile devices of all sizes.
  • Fast installation: The process to embed an Instagram feed on your website is quick and easy. Simply create an account, retrieve the code, and embed it on your website.
  • Customization: You can set parameters such as spacing, captions, and size with the click of a button.


Mobirise offers a free plan, but users will have ElectricBlaze branding displayed on Instagram feeds. Users can remove the branding by opting for the $3.99 monthly plan.

3. Elfsight


Elfsight provides a highly responsive Instagram plugin that works on websites built with almost any CMS, including WordPress, Elementor, Drupal, and Squarespace. Instagram feeds powered by Elfsight display beautifully to boost a website’s aesthetics and provide social proof of your brand’s authenticity.


  • No coding: You can embed Instagram feeds with no coding knowledge. Instead, you get an interactive configurator with an intuitive interface for setting up your IG feed.
  • Various content sources: You can pull IG content for your feed by selecting usernames, hashtags, or locations. You can also filter content so your feed shows only images and videos from your preferred sources.
  • Customization options: Elfsight’s Instagram plugin automatically adjusts its color scheme to match your website. Also, you get 50+ customization options to make your Instagram feed truly unique.
  • Responsive design: The embedded Instagram feed will display correctly whether users view your website from a mobile device or computer.


Elfsight’s free plan gives you one plugin that you can install on unlimited sites. However, the free plan supports only 200 views, and the feed displays Elfsight branding. If you want more views, plugins, and no branding, choose the $5, $10, or $20 monthly plan.

4. Common Ninja

common ninja

Common Ninja is another top Instagram plugin provider. Installing the provider’s Instagram plugin is quick and easy, thanks to its no-code setup, and Common Ninja offers wallet-friendly monthly plans. However, the product’s standout feature is its security, which ensures your embedded Instagram feed isn’t an Achilles Heel for cyber-attacks.


  • Auto refresh: Common Ninja’s Instagram feed plugin has an auto-refresh option that keeps your feed updated with the latest content.
  • Multilingual: The Instagram plugin supports multiple languages, making it suitable for international business websites.
  • Responsive design: The feed seamlessly adapts to display correctly on all mobile and computer screens.
  • Security: Instagram feeds powered by Common Ninja have built-in security measures that protect the host website and visitors. 
  • Notifications: The plugin collects data regarding user interactions and provides insights through emails and API notifications.
  • Customizable: You can customize your Instagram feed’s font, color, shape, size, and more to ensure it fits your website’s aesthetics.


Common Ninja’s free plan doesn’t offer enough features to make it viable for business use. Paid plans range from $8 to $20.80 monthly.

5. equips businesses to make the most of social media content to convince and convert prospects. It accomplishes this with embeddable plugins that can draw content to your website from Instagram and other social platforms. You can easily embed an Instagram feed anywhere on your website and customize it to suit your goals.


  • Content variety: Besides pulling content from socials, the Instagram plugin lets your audience post content directly on your wall.
  • Content filters: You pick the content types you want your Instagram feed to show. You only need to set the moderation rules to filter out offensive, inappropriate, or harmful posts.
  • Security: The plugin is GDPR/CCPA-compliant and features two-factor authentication to protect you and your users’ data
  • Responsive and customizable design: The plugin is lightweight and responsive, ensuring your Instagram feed displays correctly without hampering website loading speed. You can also easily customize its look to keep the feed on brand.


The most affordable plan costs $55 monthly. You’ll need the $250 monthly plan if you want to pull content from more than one Instagram account.

6. Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed Plugin


Smash Balloon’s Instagram plugin is one of the most versatile solutions to embed Instagram on your website. The tool lets you display various Instagram content on your website in all its original glory. However, Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed Plugin only works with WordPress websites.


  • Fast setup and customization: You can launch your feed with just a few clicks thanks to Smash Balloon’s hassle-free set-up process. Multiple customization options are also available and require no coding skills to get your Instagram feed looking like you want.
  • No interruptions: The plugin has a caching system that backs up content, ensuring your feed continues displaying content during Instagram connection disruptions. You will also receive prompt admin alerts if disruptions occur so you can fix them quickly.
  • Moderation tools: Filter out content from specific users or other unwanted sources to ensure website visitors only see content that serves your purpose.
  • Multiple Instagram feeds: You can have multiple Instagram feeds on your website. For example, you can have one feed showing images in a photo carousel and other feeds for Instagram reels and stories. Displaying multiple feeds won’t negatively impact your website loading speed.


Smash Balloon’s Instagram plugin price plans range between $49 and $149 yearly. Alternatively, pay $249 per year for a plugin that supports all social media platforms.



With the Instagram plugin, you can pull content from customers and your favorite IG creators to elevate your business website. Customer content, such as reviews, serves as convincing social proof of your brand’s genuineness. This can generate more conversions to help you amplify sales.


  • Content moderation: Set the plugin to display only IG content that you've approved.
  • Advanced customization: You can resize or crop images, choose your desired layout, and add eye-catching effects to elevate your Instagram feed.
  • Regular content refresh: Free plan users will automatically get fresh IG content every 24 hours. Starter plan users get a content refresh every 12 hours, while the Pro plan offers hourly refreshes.


You can choose the free plan or pay $4.94, $12.14, or $80.99 monthly.

8. Tagembed


Why stop at your IG images and videos? Tagembed lets you pull Instagram content from hashtags, stories, and reels of other users. You can also pull content from the mentions and tags of your brand’s biggest fans.


  • Feed customization: You can style your feed as you like by changing the colors or fonts and styling the design and layout. You can also add calls-to-action to boost engagement.
  • Content filtering: Use Tagembed’s filtering tool to avoid cluttering your page with irrelevant or repeat content.
  • Instant content updates: The plugin can display fresh content as soon as it goes live on Instagram.
  • Analytics: View detailed insights about your plugin’s performance, including views, audience engagement, and visitors’ locations.


Get the free plan or pay $19, $29, or $59 monthly.

9. SnapWidget


SnapWidget provides a WordPress Instagram feed plugin for streaming IG content on your site. Besides WordPress, SnapWidget works on websites built with Shopify, Elementor, Showit, and Blogger. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you can pick an Instagram plugin that shows content as a scrolling banner or responsive grid.


  • Automated refreshing: All SnapWidget plans provide automatic content refreshes. However, the free plan refreshes content every 15 minutes, while the paid plans refresh content every five minutes.
  • Easy install: Installing and customizing the Instagram plugin is quick and stress-free since it doesn’t require coding.
  • Multimedia support: The plugin supports Instagram photos, videos, and IGTV. You can also get plugins for Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube content.


The free plan doesn’t support carousel posts and hashtag plugins. Paid plans start at $6.45 and offer YouTube plugins.

10. Social Feed by Juicer


Almost half of all websites are WordPress. Juicer’s social feed is an easy way to bring Instagram to your pages if you have a WordPress site. With the Juicer WordPress Plug-in, you can quickly embed the plugin into your WordPress site to stream IG content. What if you have a non-WordPress website? If so, you only need to sign up for Juicer, create a source, and copy and paste the embed code into your website page.


  • Instagram feed moderation: You can inspect content pulled from Instagram before permitting the ones to display on your website. Alternatively, set moderation rules to automatically select posts to reject or accept.
  • Customizable Instagram aggregator: Available customization options let you change the Instagram feed’s color and font to fit your brand.
  • Design templates: Juicer offers multiple social media feed styles, including templates that you can modify.


Juicer’s free plan has ads. For an ad-free experience, choose the $19, $99, or $199 monthly plan.

3 Instagram plugin examples

If you can’t quite picture how an embedded Instagram feed will look on your website, here are three examples of website Instagram plugins in action.

1. TimberTech

timbertech plugin example

TimberTech is a premium decking and railing provider that helps clients transform and elevate their outdoor spaces. The company provides clients with ideas for decking projects with its Instagram feed that shows gorgeous finished decking projects. Seeing the beautiful deck styles made from TimberTech’s materials convinces prospects to try the brand. Browsing through the Instagram content also boosts TimberTech’s website engagement.

2. Dave Blunden Staircases

instagram plugin example

Dave Blunden Staircases (DBS) uses their Instagram feed to show beautiful staircases they’ve recently installed for clients. The Instagram wall on the brand’s website displays different staircase styles, proving DBS’s creativity, expertise, and trustworthiness. Such content helps sway prospects’ opinions about the brand, making them more likely to place orders.

3. Dutchmen

dutchmen instagram plugin example

Dutchmen builds and sells premium RVs to adventurers who prefer the outdoor life. The brand keeps web visitors engaged with its Instagram wall showing content of customers adventuring with their RVs. The Instagram feed serves as a testament to customers fulfilling outdoor fantasies with Dutchmen RVs. This invites prospects to have similar adventures with the brand’s products.

How to add an Instagram plugin to your site

Adding an Instagram plugin to your website is quick and easy, especially if you use a solution that doesn’t require coding. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to get it done in five minutes or less.

1. Select a free Instagram plugin and subscribe

Your first step is to choose an Instagram feed plugin or plugin that works with your website. Go for a free or affordable solution that fits your needs and budget. For example, provides a user-friendly and highly customizable Instagram plugin. You can quickly install and launch it to display various IG content on your pages. Click here to sign up and try out’s free forever plan.

2. Set a new feed

Signing up will get you a dashboard for setting up your Instagram feed.

create a new feed

Click on the icon indicated above to create a new feed and label it with a name that indicates its purpose. For example, "Instagram Stories".

create plugin

Also, consider adjusting the default post status to either Approved or Needs Approval. If you choose Approved, all posts are automatically added to your website, allowing you to remove any unwanted ones via your dashboard. On the other hand, Needs Approval requires manual approval before Curator displays posts on your website.

3. Select your feed source

Click on Add a Source and select Instagram. You can now choose the type of posts the plugin will show on your website.

instagram plugin types

You can later return to select more post types to display on the same Instagram feed or a different feed.

4.     Link your Instagram Business account

The next step requires logging into your Instagram account to connect it to the plugin. After logging in, give the Instagram plugin access to pull content from your pages. Note that you can’t go beyond this stage if you don’t have an IG Business account. If you have a Personal account, you only need to convert it to a Business account before connecting it to the plugin.

5. Approve Instagram Stories to add to your website

Choose the individual Story posts you want embedded on your website. You can do this by clicking the Curate tab on your dashboard.

  • Setting your approval style to Needs Approval requires clicking the check mark for each post you want displayed on your IG feed.
  • Setting your approval style to Approved will delete any post you don’t want displayed. Other content will automatically receive approval, sending them to your website for display in reverse chronological order.
instagram plugin moderation

6. Choose your favorite template

You can customize how your IG feed will look on your website. Select your preferred aesthetics by choosing a feed style. Available options include carousel, mosaic, grid, and Tetris. Check out eye-catching Instagram feed templates here.

instagram plugin template options

You also have the option to customize your feed’s background colors, borders, Instagram logo, captions, and more. You can do all of this via the easy settings tool or perform advanced customizations with the custom CSS if you have web design skills.

7. Embed the feed code in your website

The final step requires clicking Publish to copy the HTML code. Next, visit your website to paste the copied code where you want your IG feed to appear.

instagram plugin customization example

Most website builders, especially the popular ones such as WordPress, Shopify, and Wix, provide a section to drag and drop an HTML code box or custom code box. Drag the code box to your preferred location on your page and paste the Instagram plugin HTML code into it.

Do you need more installation help? Visit our comprehensive manual on embedding Instagram content in your website builder. The manual provides clear instructions for pasting the HTML feed code into builders like:

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Webflow
  • Drupal
  • Hubspot

Frequently asked questions about Instagram plugins

What are the benefits of an Instagram plugin on a website?

Adding an Instagram plugin can showcase user-generated content of real customers’ experiences with your product. This provides social proof that can convince prospects you are an authentic brand with a desirable product. You can also use an Instagram plugin to populate your website with fresh, appealing content that boosts user engagement.

How can I embed an Instagram feed on a website for free?

The best way to embed an IG feed for free on your website is with’s free forever plan. The plan lets you pull content from three sources and updates your feed every 24 hours, showing your daily visitors your latest IG content.