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Grid template


Simple, minimalist square format. Available in 4 styles.

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Waterfall template


A classic template that show both image and description in an irregular waterfall. Available in 4 styles.

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Mosaic template


A beautiful collage of photos displayed in a semi random mosaic. Available in 2 styles.

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Cover Flow template

Cover Flow

Inspired by the iconic display from Apple, this feed gives you a beautiful flowing album of photos.

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Grid Carousel template

Grid Carousel

Add some movement to your website with an ever scrolling block of images. Available in 4 styles.

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Carousel template


A minimalist, single row feed that will fit in any website. Available in 4 styles.

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Panel template


Limited space on your website? This Feed fits neatly down the side of the page. Available in 4 styles.

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Stack template


A simple Feed style that put each image front and centre, one at a time.

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Tetris template


Inspired by the classic game, this Feed stacks posts on top of each other in a satisfying column of beautiful content.

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List template


Does what it says on the tin! A long list of posts showing both image and description in one go.

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Select template


Based of a traditional image gallery, this Feed is perfect for image based feeds.

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