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3 Ways to Embed Your TikTok Feed on Your Website

Embedding your TikTok feed on your website isn't as simple as embedding an Instagram feed or Twitter feed, because TikTok doesn't offer an official API for other developers to easily pull content from.

But not all hope is lost.

While Curator is hard at work developing easier ways for you to embed your entire TikTok feed, there are two ways that are currently available that allow you to embed individual posts, so you can create your own curated feed.

We'll show exactly how to do this in two different ways and give you the pros and cons for each method.

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Why should you embed your TikTok feed on your website?

Why would you embed you TikTok feed on your website in the first place? Let's explore some important business and marketing use cases.

Tailor your website to your audience

Gen Z are still the main users of TikTok, with 41% of users between the ages of 16 and 24. However, millennials and baby boomers are the fastest growing audiences.

So, if your business targets gen Z, or older generations that like to stay up with the times, then you can impress your target audience by embedding your TikTok feed on your website.

Make your website more engaging

TikTok videos are often really funny. The best videos have a great hook and capture the viewer's attention right away.

All of the effort you put into making your TikTok videos interesting can be maximized my including this content in your website. It's sort of a "why not?" moment. If you're making great videos, why not put them in your site?

Even if you have a great website template, you still need to freshen things up sometimes.

This gives website viewers something new to see when they visit your website, and it helps them make an immediate connection with your brand.

Grow your TikTok following

You might also choose to add your TikTok videos to your website in order to call attention to the fact that you have a TikTok account. How will your customers and fans know that you have an account if you don't tell them?

For example, let's say you're an ecommerce brand. Your customers find you on Instagram, visit your website and make a purchase. They see that you have TikTok videos in the footer of your website, and they click on one of them, then follow you on TikTok.

Encourage more UGC from customers and fans

Do you run UGC campaigns on TikTok? You can use your website as a way to get more submission for an evergreen user generated content campaign.

chobani tiktok challenge example

You could embed some of the top UGC videos created on the homepage of your website or on a specific landing page on your site. Then, you can include a headline like "Use the hashtag #yourbrandedhashtag on TikTok for a chance to win our monthly prize drawing."

When customers see that page on your website, they'll join in your UGC campaign. You could even run ad traffic to that page or pitch the contest to relevant publications.

3 ways to embed your TikTok feed on your website

So now that we know why it's a good idea to embed TikTok content, the question is how?

We're going to show you 3 distinct methods that allow you to create your own feed:

  • Curator's automatic social media feed aggregator
  • Curator's custom posts
  • TikTok's developer code

Which method should you choose?

  • Curator's automatic social media feed aggregator: If you want a hands-off, easy way to add your TikTok posts that will automatically pull in your new videos, this is the method for you. Curator has free and paid plans. You can allow posts to automatically get added to your website, or you can use manual approval to select which ones you want to show up on your site.
  • Curator's custom posts: If you only want to add a handful of top-performing posts to your website and don't want them to be automatically added (or to have to curate them weekly or monthly), then this is your best option.
  • TikTok's developer code: This method allows you to automatically update your website with all of your posts. Unlike Curator, you can't easily reject/deny certain posts. Also, it doesn't have the easy styling features like Curator so if you use that method, you'll have to use custom HTML and CSS to update the style of the feed.

Add and style your TikTok feed for free with Curator. is an easy-to-customize aggregator that lets you pull from over a dozen sources. If you'd like to give's free forever plan a spin

1. Curator's automatic social media feed aggregator

Pros and cons of this method:

The great thing about Curator's social media feed aggregator is that it is easy to use.

Here are some of the top features:

  • Add TikTok content and posts from dozens of other social networks
  • Automatically or manually approve posts to go on your website
  • Style the feed in just a few clicks

The only downside is that if you have a lot of website traffic or if you need advanced features and user permissions, you will have to sign up for a paid plan. But the paid plans are still very affordable.

How to do it:

The steps are super simple. Here's how to embed your TikTok feed in your website:

  1. Connect your TikTok account
  2. Choose your moderation method (automatic or manual)
  3. Remove any posts that you don't want to show up on your site
  4. Choose your feed layout and style
  5. Copy and paste the HTML code

Let's take a closer look at these steps.

First, you'll need to sign up for a Curator account. Then, you select the social media source you want to connect. In this case, we'll select TikTok.

Next, you'll need to log in to your TikTok account. At this time, you can only pull in posts from your own account.

Then you can choose what feed you want the TikTok posts to be added to. If you don't have a feed, then just add a new one by clicking on the + sign and give it a simple name.

Then you can choose your moderation method. You can allow posts to automatically approve, or you can manually approve content if you want to be more selective about what gets added to your website.

If you want all of your content to get added to your website, you can set the approval to be automatic. Then, log in every month or so if you want to remove some of the posts, maybe your less successful posts. Or, if you want to be really selective, set the approval to be manual. Then you can log in once a week and approve the posts you want getting added to your website.

Next, all you have to do is copy the HTML embed code and add it to your website.

When you remove or approve posts, you don't have to re-copy the HTML code. It will still work on your website. All you have to do is login to Curator and click the + or ✓ to delete or approve posts.

2. Curator's custom posts

With this method, you'll be adding individual TikTok posts to a Curator feed and then choosing the style you want the feed to have. Then, you copy and paste one code for the entire feed into your website.

Pros and cons of this method:

The great thing about this method is that you have styling options available. You can change the layout to be a popular style such as:

  • Grid
  • Waterfall
  • Carousel

Then, you can update the colors that you want, so the TikTok feed matches your website branding, instead of using the bright red color of TikTok's brand.

The con is that you have to add each post individually, however the second method requires this as well. The good news is that Curator is building a way to connect with TikTok so you can add your entire feed without having to copy each video, but this is still in development.

How to do it:

To do this, you'll need a Professional Plan with Curator. The first step is to set up a feed and give it a name.

Then you need to custom add a post, since TikTok doesn't have an API that can pull content from your account.

Add your first TikTok video. Do this by copying and pasting the embed code for the TikTok post.

Then, repeat this step with the other TikTok videos you want in your feed.

After you've added the right content, it's time to stylize your feed. You can change the layout and the colors.

The final step is to copy and paste the feed code into your website. You can add it to your website footer, sidebar, or a specific section or page.

When you want to add a new post, just login to Curator and add the video. You don't need to copy and paste the embed code again. It will automatically synch with your website. is an easy-to-customize aggregator that lets you pull from over a dozen sources. If you'd like to give's free forever plan a spin

2. TikTok's developer code

With this method, you'll be adding individual TikTok posts to a section of your website, and creating a feed from scratch yourself. You will copy and paste the code for each TikTok post.

Pros and cons of this method:

This method is 100% free, but you will have to do all of the styling yourself. Basically, what you're doing is embedding individual posts into HTML widgets or blocks on your website. The feed will not be stylized for you, and you will have to use custom CSS to change the style if you want.

On the other hand, with the Curator method, you have easy-click layout and styling options. Plus, you can use Curator to embed your feed from other popular social media sites.

How to do it:

If you choose to go this route, here's how to do it.

First, copy the embed code of the first TikTok video you want in your feed.

Then paste that where you want it to go in your website.

Here are some places you could add it:

  • Your blog sidebar
  • Your website footer
  • A specific page of your website

Next, you need to repeat this process for the other videos you'll want to include.

For example, if you want your top 6 TikTok videos in your blog sidebar, you need to copy the code for each of them in the order you want it.

Here's what a TikTok posts looks like in a blog side bar:

If you want to make a feed in your website using a builder like Divi, you should only put 2 or 3 TikTok videos in a row inside of a webpage, depending on the width of that row.

Here's an example of a 2-row TikTok feed embedded in a website page:

The future of TikTok marketing

Currently, TikTok has 800 million active users, 500 million of which live in China and 300 million in the rest of the world. Their total user base is higher than LinkedIn and Pinterest. Clearly, the platform now has every right to be considered one of the top social media networks in the world.

Because non gen z users are the fastest growing, it's also clear that TikTok isn't just for kids.

While some brands don't need to hop on the TikTok trend, many are dragging their feet for no good reason. If you sell to consumers who aren't only over 40, it's probably past time to start marketing on this platform.

And, to make the most of your content, embed it in your site. is an easy-to-customize aggregator that lets you pull from over a dozen sources. If you'd like to give's free forever plan a spin