20 Social Proof Examples to Help Supercharge Your Online Marketing

In today's hyper-competitive market, businesses must go beyond advertising and product showcases to remain relevant and attract new customers. One of the best ways to do this is with social proof that shows you have a trustworthy brand and product that real customers use and love.

In this guide, we’ll share multiple social proof examples to help you use the tactic to benefit your business. But first, let’s clarify what social proof is.

What’s in this guide:

  • What is social proof?
  • What are the best formats of social proof?
  • 20 Social proof examples

What is social proof?

Social proof is a promotion tactic that involves sharing content that proves your product works and customers love it. The logic behind social proof is customers who see evidence of your brand or product’s quality and capability are more likely to convert and buy. And no evidence is more convincing than feedback from satisfied customers.

Take customer ratings and reviews for example. These are forms of social proof that 90% of consumers rely on to make purchase decisions. However, customer feedback isn’t the only form of social proof. Any content that showcases your brand’s positive impact on customers or enhances public perception about your brand or product can count as social proof.

What are the best formats of social proof?

Below are some of the most powerful social proof formats for influencing customer perception and building trust.

1. User-generated content (UGC)

User or customer-generated content includes videos, photos, or posts created by people who’ve experienced your product or brand. Examples of such content include customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials provided on social media, websites, and other platforms. Most people consider UGC more authentic than content created by brands and marketers because real customers share unbiased opinions.

Positive UGC counts as social proof because it’s evidence you have a good product that works. Such evidence can influence the buying decisions of prospects and compel them to convert.

2. Events

Online or in-person events, such as seminars, webinars, concerts, trade shows, and award ceremonies, make excellent social proof. Hosting or participating in such events shows you are a real brand by providing real-world experiences that generate positive feedback.

For example, customers or prospects who attend your event can share it on social media to generate buzz for your brand. These events also create opportunities for customers to learn more about your brand and interact with your product or representatives.

Another example is award ceremonies that recognize you as a leader in your field. Such events can go a long way in boosting your reputation, reach, and attractiveness. In summary, events provide tangible evidence of existence, success, engagements, and endorsements.

3. Portfolio and case studies

Your portfolio will include videos, images, and other content that detail projects you’ve successfully completed. For example, your portfolio can show before-and-after photos or videos of work you’ve done for clients. Alternatively, have a portfolio of samples or copies of jobs you’ve done for clients.

Case studies, on the other hand, detail the specifics of projects you’ve successfully completed for clients. Each case study will detail the challenges a client faced and how you solved the problem with your product or service. Portfolios and case studies both make excellent social proof because they show what you’ve accomplished for other clients. Viewing such content can influence customers’ perception by convincing them you are a good fit for their needs.

4. Influencer and celebrity endorsements

Influencers are individuals with a large following of people who trust their opinions or simply wish to duplicate their lifestyle or outcomes. Having such people endorse your product can lend credence to your brand and product and convince people to patronize you.

Celebrities can help achieve the same results by endorsing your product. Excellent examples include athletes like Tiger Woods and Serena Williams appearing in Nike marketing campaigns or an actor like Ryan Reynolds promoting Mint Mobile.

ryan reynolds social proof example

Having such influential people singing praises for your brand can serve as powerful social proof that makes people consider your product authentic and desirable.

5. Social media mentions

Every business should have an active social media account. People positively engaging with your social media content is social proof that you are a beloved brand, and you should show that proof to others. The same goes for positive content about your brand that others post or share on social media.

You can share such posts and social media engagement on your business website with the help of a social media feed widget or by embedding your Instagram feed on your website. Examples of social media interactions that can serve as social proof include positive mentions, tags, shares, likes, retweets, and posts about your brand.

6. Press mentions and expert opinion

Did your brand, product, founder, or employee recently appear in a newspaper, magazine, blog, news story, or other press materials? If so, use the publicity to your advantage by sharing the article or mention on your social media or website. Such a publication will validate your existence and boost recognition, thanks to the press outlet’s authority. Of course, the more reputable the media outlet, the more impactful your mention will be.

The same goes for experts sharing opinions about your brand or product. For example, titans like Elon Musk or Tim Cook sharing positive opinions about your tech firm can skyrocket your reputation, taking your brand to the top of its niche. You can cull press or expert mentions for social proof from social media posts, podcasts, blogs, newspaper articles, and other verifiable sources.

7. Customer counters, trust seals, and logos

Customer counters are digital counters on your website that show the number of people you’ve served or products you’ve sold. Such a counter serves as social proof that you are a working brand with existing and happy clientele. It also hints at you being popular for your services. After all, you can’t have over a thousand happy customers if you aren’t doing something right.

Alternatively, display on your website the logos of your well-known clients. Checking your client list and finding popular brand logos will lend you a sizeable amount of credibility. You can also put customers at ease regarding security and authenticity by displaying trust seals, such as SSL certificates, the Norton or McAfee Secured Seal, or the BBB Accreditation Seal, on your website.

8. Awards, memberships, and recognitions

Another effective social proof format are badges for awards, memberships, and other recognitions. For example, awards from notable bodies, recognized certifications, and recognition from industry authorities. Displaying such badges on your website serves as social proof that lends credence to your brand, proving your authenticity and expertise.

20 Social proof examples

To help you better understand social proof, we’ve compiled social proof examples from various brands and organizations. Seeing how these brands leverage social proof will give you a clear picture of how to start using it to your business’s advantage.

1. Dover Saddlery

dover saddlery

Type of social proof example: User-generated content feed

Dover Saddlery offers premium horse supplies and riding gear to equestrians and horse lovers. The brand’s specialty is English-style horseback riding gear, and Dover Saddlery showcases the quality of its products with the Instagram wall on its homepage.

The Instagram wall displays Instagram content of customers and horses proudly enjoying Dover Saddlery’s products. This user-generated content lends credence to the brand by showcasing happy customers and giving prospects a reason to try Dover Saddlery. The Instagram wall also comes with instructions on how new customers can share their Dover Saddlery experiences. The setup ensures an endless supply of fresh content for social proof.

2. Corona


Type of social proof example: Events

Corona is a beverage company that anyone who’s seen a Fast and Furious movie knows. But if you need more social proof that Corona is a real brand with a desirable product, the brand hosts various events each year.

Corona promotes these events on its website and social media to drum up awareness, and the festivals themselves generate great buzz for the brand. The Sunsets Festival occurs in multiple countries worldwide, ensuring worldwide appeal for the originally Mexican beverage. It’s excellent social proof that Corona is a thriving brand, which will tempt new people to try it.

3. Dior

dior social proof example

Type of social proof example: Celebrity endorsement

Dior is an international cosmetics brand that offers everything from perfumes to makeup. On its beauty page, you’ll find several products paired with notable Hollywood celebrities. Each celebrity stands as the face of a product, using their star power to make the product more alluring. If Charlize Theron can attach her face to a perfume, it has to be good is what most would assume, leading to purchases.

However, taking on a celebrity like Theron to endorse your product can be expensive, so not every brand can afford it. A less expensive alternative would be to partner with a micro-influencer (social media influencer with under 100,000 followers).

4. NordVPN


Type of social proof example: Expert opinion and social media mentions

NordVPN is a VPN provider that proves its authenticity and authority with the help of feedback from tech experts. Expert opinion is powerful social proof that sways customers because an industry authority’s opinion carries more weight than a regular user’s. NordVPN places the above social proof on its homepage alongside an X reel.


The X reel showcases social media mentions that discuss NordVPN’s quality. You can also view press mentions, video reviews, and awards, all of which count as social proof that positively influences customer perception of NordVPN.

5. Shein


Type of social proof example: Portfolio

Shein is an online fashion retailer, placing it in a highly competitive industry. So, how does Shein distinguish itself from competitors? The online store has a Style Gallery page, which is basically a portfolio of happy shoppers. The page shows real customers wearing products bought from Shein, and other shoppers can upvote their favorite photos and styles.

This social proof example is highly effective because it’s UGC that engages customers and drives them to submit content of their own. The social proof also proves authenticity, influencing prospects to place their own orders.

6. AVG


Type of social proof example: Awards

AVG is a popular antivirus software for computers and mobile devices. Over the years, the solution has received several awards for its excellence and quality and proves that on its homepage with a section dedicated to its most recent awards. The AVG website also has a website page dedicated to its many awards.

Awards make excellent social proof because it shows customers that a brand or product has excelled in its field. However, since anyone can give an award, awards carry more weight for social proof when they come from notable personalities or organizations. For example, AVG showcases its awards from tech authorities like CNET and AV Test.

7. Animalz


Type of social proof example: Customer logos and case studies

Animalz is a content marketing agency that has worked with big brands like Amazon, Google, and Airtable. The agency isn’t shy about this accomplishment, which is why a section of its homepage shows the brands it has served.


On the same homepage is a Success Stories section that shows case studies of Animalz helping clients overcome challenges. The combination of social proof on the Animalz homepage proves the organization’s credibility, influencing prospects to engage with the agency.

8. RexMont Real Estate

rexmonth real estate social proof example

Type of social proof example: Customer counter and UGC

RexMont Real Estate is a Washington-based real estate firm. The establishment leverages social proof with a customer counter on its homepage. Unlike regular customer counters that only state the number of customers served, RexMont goes a step further by listing the number and value of homes it has sold.

RexMont also indicates that it has over a thousand five-star reviews and displays some of those reviews with a carousel. These details will sway most prospects regarding the agency’s competence and trustworthiness.

9. University of Cambridge

university of cambridge

Type of social proof example: Events

The University of Cambridge is a world-renowned institute of learning. While the university has enough history to back up its fame, it provides evidence of its continued relevance through diverse events. Lectures, concerts, and sports help enhance the university's allure, appealing to knowledge seekers and scholars with diverse interests and personalities.

10. Live Agent

live event

Type of social proof example: Awards and recognition

Live Agent is customer support software that simplifies managing customer issues. The platform uses social proof to its advantage on its homepage by showcasing its recent awards and badges of recognition from third-party review sites. Seeing these proofs of the Live Agent’s quality positively shapes public perception and interest in the brand.

11. Chicago Roofing & Deck

chicago roofing and deck

Type of social proof example: Portfolio

As you’ve probably guessed, Chicago Flat Roofing Contractors are roofing contractors in Chicago. Why should Chicagoans choose them for their services? The team answers this question with its homepage’s Our Projects section, which shows roofing projects completed to the satisfaction of clients. The contractors provide similar social proof on their Gallery page, which is a portfolio showing some of their finest finished projects.

12. Ali Wong

ali wong

Type of social proof example: Press mentions

Ali Wong is a comedian and actress with several accolades under her belt, including a Golden Globe award. The comedian’s website features a Press page that shows articles she has appeared in, including major publications like The New Yorker and The New York Times. The press mentions lend her credence, framing her as a noteworthy personality within her field.

13. C&C Heat

c&c heating

Type of social proof example: Membership and recognition

C&C Heat are heating and cooling specialists that serve most of Michigan. The contractor’s homepage bears several forms of social proof, including an A+ BBB rating and badges from NCI, NATE, and EPA. These bodies recognizing C&C Heat prove that the team possesses the skills to deliver quality heating and cooling services. Customers look for such indicators when trying to pick a reliable heating contractor for their needs.

14. Mint Mobile

mint mobile achievements

Type of social proof example: Awards and recognition

You may have seen the Mint Mobile ads featuring Ryan Reynolds. If you missed the ads, Mint Mobile has other forms of social proof besides celebrity endorsement. Its website displays recent achievements, including the New York Times recognizing Mint Mobile as the provider with the best cell phone plans. People looking for the best value cell phone plan will gravitate to the brand based on this recognition alone.

15. Quickbooks


Type of social proof example: User-generated content

Quickbooks is accounting software with users all over the world. The platform influences consumer perception with the help of user reviews collected from third-party sites. User reviews on third-party sites like Capterra and Trustpilot are typically considered more trustworthy than reviews from unknown or unverifiable sources. You can typically display the latest user reviews from third-party platforms on your site with the help of website plugins like a review plugin.

16. Grant Cardone

grant cardone

Type of social proof example: Celebrity endorsement

Grant Cardone is a real estate mogul, sales trainer, and influencer famous for coaching people on how to grow wealth. A carousel of superstars endorsing his brand and product serves as social proof on his website. And it’s hard to ignore a product enthusiastically endorsed by the likes of Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta, Usher, and Logan Paul.

17. Slack


Type of social proof example: Expert opinion and case studies

Slack is a communication and productivity app that far and near teams use to collaborate on projects. Companies of all sizes rely on the software, including major organizations like NASA and Target. Slack’s website also has a Customer Stories page with hundreds of case studies that detail how Slack has helped brands improve their operations.

Lastly, the Slack homepage features quotes from industry experts who have benefited from using Slack. The combination of expert opinions and case studies serves as social proof that shows prospects a clear picture of how Slack can improve their lives.

18. HubSpot


Type of social proof example: Customer logos and counters

HubSpot is a customer relationship management software that helps businesses with everything from marketing and sales to customer support. Social proof on the HubSpot website includes the use of customer logos and counters.

The counter indicates that over 190,000 businesses worldwide have benefited from using the product, which is impressive and persuasive. The customer logos, on the other hand, show some of the biggest clients that HubSpot has served, including Casio and DoorDash. A history of serving real and reputable companies showcases HubSpot’s authenticity and competence.

19. Frill


Type of social proof example: User-generated content

Frill is user feedback software for learning how customers feel about your product. The platform relies on customer reviews as its social proof. What lends Frill’s social proof even more credibility is the reviews come from industry leaders such as founders and CEOs.

20. Selena Soo

selena soo social proof example

Type of social proof example: Press mentions

The internet is full of life and publicity coaches claiming they can help people turn their lives around. Most are charlatans, complicating distinguishing the real from the fake. Selena Soo proves she’s the real deal with her media page displaying reputable publications that have featured her. The compilation of press mentions shows potential clients Selena knows what she's doing and can help them get great press coverage too.

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