How to Convert Web Visitors into Social Media Followers with Pop-Ups

It is the goal of all business owners to create a social media following, especially if they have websites, blogs, and other social media channels. Just like other entrepreneurs, if you want to attract more readers and entice more followers and customers, you shouldn’t miss having a community of followers on your social media accounts.

As others said, building a group of followers on social media requires a lot of time and effort. You can’t create a social media fan base with just a single click of your finger. The most thing is, there are no specific endearing tactics, and therefore, you have no assurance that you will get what you want. 


Since you are browsing this article, for sure you’re looking to boost your social media followers. From adding pop-ups, automating your social media to maximize the use of content lockers, this guide will surely help achieve your ultimate goal.

Building your repeat visits can be done in two ways: increasing your social media followers and boosting your email lists. As blog owners, it is best to grow your email list as it is more powerful than social media. To do this, learning how to maximize the use of website popups is a must. Studies have shown that entrepreneurs often invest in several marketing channels like mass email services, social media, and SMS. Social media leads among these options because the global social media user base by 2023 can increase to 3.43 billion. 

The more social media followers you have, the more you can boost your website traffic, email list, and sales. This is the main reason why most entrepreneurs are longing to increase their social media followers. 

What are Website Pop Ups?

The term “pop up” denotes any internet browser window that is tossed without your permission. It often appears as a flashy marketing ad trying to entice you to type in your information like an email address or sell you something.

Pop-ups come in various types, depending on how they appear on your windows. These pop ups are classified based on the following features:

  1. How They Appear? – Pop-ups may appear at the bottom of the screen, side of your computer screen, or in the middle of your screen. Sometimes, they will just appear, occupying your entire computer screen.
  2. When They Appear? – Pop ups often appear when you are trying to leave a particular page. They appear if you keep on scrolling to one specific page in some cases.
  3. What Kind of Content Do They Offer? – Pop ups can have a typical or collaborating type.

Some people say that pop ups are infuriating ads on the internet as they keep on appearing on your screen unexpectedly. That is why if you are using pop ups for lead generation, you have to be careful with its contents.

Here are the four (4) different types of pop-ups you shouldn’t miss to know: 

Exit-Intent Popup

This type of popup can help increase social media follows. When your visitor is trying to leave your website, this exit-intent pop up will eventually appear using the power of exit-intent technology. Now, since exit pop-up can be utilized for any kind of offer, it is best to use it professionally. You may offer great content for your readers. You may also use this type for discount codes, newsletter sign-ups, free trials, and other related offers.

The exit-intent popup helps you entice people who happen to have a great interest in the products or services you offer. But, these people are not ready for a huge commitment. Through pop-up, you give them the reasons to stay connected with your site and eventually realize its significance.

As advised, do not overuse pop up as it will upset your visitors and possible customers. It can also significantly affect your Google rankings. If you don’t know what to use, just try some pop ups and check its analytics. You can see how your audience responds to your pop-ups through this. 

Click-Activated Pop-Ups

If you are curious about having a nice popup, you may consider using click-activated pop-ups. When you say “pop-ups,” the first thing that comes to your mind is that it will lead you to a specific page that offers products or services. But, the pop-up has another purpose apart from this. 

Most e-commerce shops use this type to show off their offered products and services, either in a video or image slider. If you have WordPress, you may see various plug-ins that can assist you in creating click-activated pop-ups.


Click-activated pop-ups have an excellent conversation rate as they are the pre-expressed awareness in your offers. Say, for instance, if someone clicks on an icon or link with an activated pop-up, it means that your visitor is interested in your offered products and services. 

Opt-in Bars

Opt-in bars are hard to miss and flexible but considered reasonably subtle. This type of pop-up works when appropriately implemented. It can drive considerable attention to your offers straightforwardly and quickly. As such, most marketers utilize these opt-in bars as floating bars. They often stick at the bottom or top of the screen as you browse through the page content. 

Opt-in bars can be utilized for distinct purposes, but it is perfect for newsletter sign-ups, active contests, user agreements, webinar sign-ups and the like.

Interactive Pop-ups

This is the last type of pop-up that everyone shouldn’t miss trying out. Interactive pop-ups take the interaction uniquely. For instance, the user can spin the digital wheel of fortune to get tons of prizes. But, there are some tricks: the spin will only work after you have filled out the needed information, and you can adjust its prize percentages to control the results.

Interactive pop-ups are exciting and reasonably new. Most users opt to try new stuff, especially when they are irritated with a similar type every time they visit a particular page.  

Other types of pop-ups include mobile pop ups, social pop-ups, full-screen overlays, and countdown pop up. All of these pop ups have their features, and it’s up to you what suits your offers. Other types of pop-ups include mobile pop ups, social pop-ups, full-screen overlays, Social Proof Popups and countdown pop up. All of these pop ups have their features, and it’s up to you what suits your offers.

Benefits of Using Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are the in-demand strategy used for multiple reasons, making these marketing ads even more effective than any other schemes. The content of pop-ups may vary, from news updates to forms designed to lead generation. Others use these pop ups to boost their conversion rate. 

Here are the top reasons why you shouldn’t ignore the functions of website pop-ups:

  1. Collecting Leads – Pop-ups can be used to ask for specific information from your possible customers. You can ask for their name and email address to address them again via email advertising. Like other marketers, you may offer your visitors freebies to increase your conversion rate.
  1. Converting a Sale – Depending on your choice, you may offer some discount codes that your target customers can shop with. Or, you may offer some vouchers that remind them of upcoming promos or sales.
  1. You are increasing Social Media Followers – Your pop-ups can serve as an avenue to lead them to your social media networks. You can ask them to follow your accounts to keep updated on your posts or blogs.

With these various benefits, you are probably tempted to use these pop-ups to 

Converting Website Traffic into Social Media Followers

Social targets have more purchasing power than any other schemes. Based on the latest social media statistics, Facebook and Instagram have become significant channels for societies searching to buy or research products online. With the enormous benefits of having social media followers, you need to start converting your website traffic into your followers. 


You can try the following tips as your guide:

1. Make quality and shareable content.

You can do this by displaying widgets on your social media accounts. The primary purpose of this is to entice your visitors to share your content, and they will eventually be directed to your website page.

2. Use pop-up to lure your visitor to check your social media accounts.

Once your visitors scroll through your site, they will be directed to your official page. You can also link your social accounts on your website’s sticky elements.


3. Advertise your contests.

You can also integrate your social media accounts as one of the requirements for winning the competition. To do this, you can use top bars or slide-ins on your website.

4. Use social media following as a gateway.

Encourage more people to follow you by offering vouchers, discounts, and promos.

This can help you grow your organic following astronomically.


5. Use exit-intent pop-ups to gain followers.

If your visitors don’t buy your offers, you can convert them into your social media followers. Do this with the use of exit-intent pop-ups. These pop-ups allow you to show an ad once they intend to leave their shopping carts or website without typing in their contact information.

6. Use content lockers to get more social media followers.

Simply lock away your renowned blog posts, discount codes, exciting videos, scandalous images, and the like. The more you locked in some content, the more people will be curious and prefer to follow your social media accounts to access your blogs.


To convert more visitors into subscribers, leads, and sales using pop-ups, you need a free lead capture platform like Poptin. It offers various templates of mobile and web overlays, chats, surveys, embedded widgets, and push notifications within the website page. Whether you are new to this platform or not, you can easily use it. Then, use email tracking tools to optimize your lead nurturing flow and convert those leads into sales. 

Using innovative pop up builders can help you convert all your visitors into your leads. It also entices them to subscribe to your newsletter and boost your engagement. With powerful features, you will surely want to explore how they work. 

The key to your online success relies on your hands. Your simple actions have a significant impact on your social media accounts and business as a whole. So, don’t just sit back and wait for your potential followers. Try pop ups now!

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Abbey Claire Dela Cruz is the Marketing Manager of Prospero. Her expertise as a content writer and marketer revolves around devising effective conversion strategies to grow businesses. Connect with her via LinkedIn.