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How a YouTube Aggregator Increases Your Brands Reach

A YouTube Aggregator allows companies and individuals alike to monitor, manage, optimise and effectively use their social media accounts in one place.

Essentially, an aggregator helps you to bring together posts and updates from numerous platforms and curate them in one convenient spot. Aggregators are great for simplifying social media processes and ensuring your feed is consistently brimming with varied and effective content. Create a sense of community and authenticity around your brand with a tool you can rely on. Furthermore, you also save spending precious time trawling the Internet for captivating and original content.

Why do I need an Aggregator?

As you’re no doubt already aware, it can sometimes be tricky and time-consuming to source or create enough original and relevant content for your social feeds. In fact, a whopping three out of four marketers admit that they never find the time to produce original content for their brand. This can be highly problematic, as regular posts on social media are key to becoming a trusted and useful source of information for your audience. It is now widely understood that an established social media presence is vital to increasing the reach and securing the longevity of your brand.

Alongside simplifying your social networking experience and generating masses of content, an aggregator can help you to improve engagement with your brand by creating aggregated social streams that can be embedded into your website. This means that potential customers can easily interact with your social posts and your content – creating an experience that is much more brand-centred than traditional forms of social media marketing.

Why Use an Aggregator for YouTube?

You may ask yourself, why use an aggregator for YouTube? Well, besides being the second largest search engine in the world behind Google, YouTube has more than a billion monthly active users. It’s no stretch to say that the platform is an international sensation – which explains why countless people have launched hugely successful careers through it.

What’s more, the digital landscape has changed significantly in the last ten years. This includes the landscape of content marketing, in which content only succeeds today if it delivers exactly what consumers want – when they want and in the format they prefer. In our current climate, video marketing is one of the major sources of online material that can provide the relevance, value and flexibility that your consumers need.

For this reason, video marketing has emerged as a leading way for marketers to engage and influence their target audience. Mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year on YouTube, whilst HubSpot claims that a staggering 80% of customers remember a video that they have watched in the last month.

One of the biggest strengths of video marketing is that it is both highly auditory and visual, which means that it’s generally easier for users to remember than text-based content. When someone remembers your video marketing content, they will also remember your brand – which results in increased sales and leads for your business! It is therefore imperative that you make video content a significant part of your marketing efforts.

Viewers are watching more than 6 billion hours of YouTube content each month, whilst over 300 hours of video content is uploaded to the platform every single minute. This means that there is a lot of competition on the channel, but also an incredible opportunity to get your brand seen by millions of people all around the world.

When used effectively, YouTube can be a supremely powerful tool for building your brand and driving sales. The trick then, is to stand out from the competition and get your brand noticed. To do this – you need a steady stream of interesting, valuable and engaging content that draws people in and creates loyal followers. It is your loyal followers that have the power to grow your channel subscriptions, build your reputation and increase the reach of your brand.

It doesn’t matter if you are already running a successful business or if you are a start-up seeking exponential growth – having control over a marketing tool as powerful as YouTube means that you can increase the exposure of your brand enormously. By tapping into the scope and reach of YouTube and churning out consistently compelling content with an aggregator, you will enjoy high levels of engagement, traffic and leads!

Introducing Curator…

If you want to share interesting content and generate discussion amongst your target audience to increase the reach of your brand - without putting in hours of research and planning – then a YouTube aggregator is the tool for you. With the help of Curator’s aggregator, you can easily pull your social media posts across multiple channels into one feed that can be embedded anywhere and customised with your own unique branding!

Unlike other social media aggregators, doesn’t use IFRAMEs. Instead, it allows you to embed Javascript, CSS and HTML codes directly into your site. This allows you to maintain full control over how you want your channel or site to appear.

Curator provides a simple way to engage your fans. It is an easy to use and affordable social media aggregator that works with just 3 simple steps. All you need to do is connect the account or hash tags you want to showcase to your audience, style your feed to suit your personal branding guidelines and then embed the results to your website, blog or big screen displays. Curator is loved by big businesses and aspiring start-ups alike – it has helped countless companies, from advertising agencies to small brands and commercial airlines, to get big results. There’s no reason why you can’t start enjoying the same success for your brand!

Through finding and sharing useful content, you are positioning yourself or your brand as an expert in the field. If you want to get the most from your social media efforts and enjoy the results your brand deserves, try out Curator today.

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