15 Instagram Widget Tools and Examples

An Instagram widget is a social media aggregator that you install in your website to show off your most recent Instagram posts. Most often, businesses are looking to showcase their own Instagram content, but brands might also choose to show off user generated content (UGC). In this case, the widget acts as a hashtag aggregator and collects content using your branded hashtag. For example, a hashtag for a company called Plum might be #plumlove or #plumcommunity.

Of course, when aggregating UGC, make sure that you set your Instagram widget to manual moderation so that you can approve posts that are relevant and appropriate.

In this article, we cover free and affordable widgets, examples of Instagram content being displayed on websites, and an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to use a social media widget.

8 Instagram widget tools and website plugins is an easy-to-customize aggregator that lets you pull from over a dozen sources. If you'd like to give's free forever plan a spin sign up today.

Here are the best free and affordable tools for adding an Instagram widget to your website:

1. Curator

curator home page

Curator is a social media aggregator that allows its users to pull content from accounts, hashtags, mentions and geolocations based on the specific social media platform.   Curator is super easy-to-use for individuals and brands because it doesn’t have visible branding on the free plan without in-app purchases.  Top features include hashtag aggregation, support for all major social media platforms, embeddable feeds, layouts and design options and moderation rules (so you can set posts to be automatically approved or you can login to approve them). Curator also has the best free plan available, and doesn't put noticeable branding on your website. On all of the paid plans, you can completely remove the "Powered by Curator" link. Paid plans range from $20 to $200 per month.

What's more Curator has a WordPress plugin, so you'll have a no-code way to install your widget.

Sign up for Curator and add Instagram posts to your website in minutes. is an easy-to-customize aggregator that lets you pull from over a dozen sources. If you'd like to give's free forever plan a spin sign up today.

2. Spotlyte

spotlight instagram widget tool

Spotlyte puts your customer's content front and center via content aggregation. It pulls in your audience's posts from across the web as well so you can see how they're interacting with you and what kind of impressions they're giving off to their own followers. Some features that make Spotlyte stand out include the ability to filter content by location to find UGC from customers in your target markets. You can also create loop schedules to show the same content again and again. However, Spotlyte is very expensive and the plans range from $95 to $495 per month.

3. Tint

tint home page

Tint helps you to aggregate content about your company or organization and let people submit their own content for display on your social media profiles and website. Tint lets you create social media contests and display the aggregated content from influencers on your website. Tint is designed for enterprise use and is very costly. You'll need to contact their sales team for a custom quote.

4. Taggbox

Taggbox is a social media aggregator, which functions similarly to Curator. Taggbox allows you to create social calendars. With Taggbox, you can also create digital signs and displays that show the feeds of any one of your social accounts. The website helps users with branding and look-and-feel customization so their social aggregation feeds reflect the nature of their business. The plugin is easily added using its simple set of coding instructions, followed by pages targeting different platforms. Their free plan only offers 2 feeds and does inject noticeable branding on your website.

5. Juicer home page

Juicer is an aggregator tool that you can use to moderate and display content from social media. Unfortunately, we can't recommend it because of the prominently added branding that turns your website into a Juicer ad. On the free plan, you can only have one feed and Juicer branding appears on your website. On the large plan, you'll pay $99 per month and receive three feeds without having to worry about any extra Juicer branding being placed on your website.

6. StoryStream

storystream home page

StoryStream is a hashtag aggregator for UGC, a digital asset management tool, and social commerce (link-in-bio and visual shopping solutions for brands, retailers, and marketplaces). It's a fit for big brands looking to manage multiple types of social-media-related projects in one place. For this reason, it's too costly for most companies simply looking for an Instagram widget software. However, if you own an ecommerce company, you might be able to benefit from its more advanced features.

7. Pixlee

pixlee home page

Pixlee lets you create, collect and manage user-generated content through their platform in order to display it across a variety of social channels including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The top features include UGC collection, curation, permissions; ratings and reviews management and displays; influencer campaign management. However, it is an enterprise platform and does cost several thousand dollars per year. You'll need to contact their sales team for a custom quote that fits your needs.

8. Flockler

Flockler helps marketers display social feeds on your websites. Display your branded social feeds, hashtag campaigns, and user-generated content. With Flockler, you curate and show some of the most relevant social media content on your digital platforms.

7 Instagram widget examples

Want to see what Instagram widgets actually look like on real websites? We've chosen 7 very different examples to inspire your content curation.

1. Fashion Nova

This example from fast fashion brand Fashion Nova features styled looks with their signature sex appeal. "Shop Looks From The 'Gram" is a simple and straightforward line of copy with plenty of personality.

2. Jungmaven

Hemp clothing brand Jungmaven keeps things even simpler by preceding their Instagram widget with nothing but their Instagram handle name. They use their Instagram content to bring forth their beachy, carefree, and youthful brand style.

3. City of Fresno

Instagram widget on City of Fresno website

The City of Fresno in California has embedded their most recent Instagram content alongside their most recent Facebook posts, so that people can stay up to date with various events, initiatives, and other news.

4. The Comforted Kitty

Instagram content in website footer

This cat sitting service, which serves various towns in the Bay Area and Northern California as well as Las Vegas and Reno in Nevada, has used the footer of their website to embed an Instagram Widget. Nex to their contact information, the widget shows their four most recent Instagram posts and encourages website visitors to follow them.

5. Dover Saddlery

user generated content campaign usage on website

Dovler Saddlery is one of the best examples we've ever seen. Built with Curator, this Instagram widget example is so successful because it not only shows off their user generated content, but it also encourages customers to submit more great pictures.

How to use an Instagram widget

Using an Instagram widget is super easy, and you don't need any coding experience.

With Curator, you can aggregate content from 6 different types of Instagram content: Instagram Business Account, Instagram Business Account IGTV, Instagram Business Hashtag, Instagram Business Mention, Instagram Private Account, and Instagram Stories.

  1. Choose what type of content you want to aggregate (your business account's posts or your branded hashtag)
  2. Decide if you want posts to be automatically approved and shown on your website, or if you want to login to approve them manually
  3. Connect your account and moderate the content (approve or delete posts)
  4. Choose what template you want
  5. Do some additional customizations to make the widget match the design on your website

For more details on these steps, you can check out our article on embedding your Instagram feed in your website, or just sign up for a free trial of Curator and give it a go! It's super easy to use. is an easy-to-customize aggregator that lets you pull from over a dozen sources. If you'd like to give's free forever plan a spin sign up today.