The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Social Media Aggregator

A social media aggregator identifies and consolidates relevant social media posts, tweets, images, and comments to a single feed, allowing you to quickly target specific online content in virtual real time with just a few clicks. Not an easy feat, according to a recent report published on that lists the total number of 2017 worldwide social media users at 2.46 billion. That number is expected to keep climbing; the Statista report also suggests an estimated 2.66 billion social media account holders in 2018 and (wait for it) 2021 projections catapulting to approximately 3.02 billion total global users.


With so many people posting (and reposting and sharing) in any given minute, sheer volume alone makes manually managing social media updates virtually impossible. Enter the social media aggregator in all its amalgamating glory. This online tool completely redefines the landscape for users trying to effectively access and merge applicable content. No more futilely spinning wheels trying to track every post across every social media forum. Instead, an aggregator grants you the opportunity to pinpoint current posts (either your own, or someone else's) with razor-sharp precision, instantly enabling you to extend your brand's reach, elevate authentic engagement with followers, and ultimately grow your community. As a result, leveraging an effective social media aggregator is no longer just a nice-to-have feature for businesses and brands. Rather, wielding the power of an innovative digital curator is a must-have marketing resource for anyone striving to stay connected with followers and on top of their own corporate buzz at all times.


Choose The Right Social Media Aggregator To Drive Results

Yes, using a digital aggregator instantly solves the "so many social media forums, so little time" dilemma. However, tapping into the power of a curator does pose an entirely new problem for people and brands alike: deciding which platform to utilize. With various available options vying for your attention, it can be challenging to zero in on the right resource to power your specific goals and initiatives. It's critical to know which key features to look for before choosing a social media aggregator to ensure you select a system equipped to deliver optimal results. When making your selection, look for a suite of vital capabilities and competencies, such as...


Comprehensive Compliance

The first thing to look for when choosing an aggregator? Comprehensive compliance within the social networks you actually want to target. Some aggregation tools only have permission to pull and post content from specific platforms. Limited compliance means you may miss out on critical posts simply due to restrictions from your provider. Carefully identify the already-established permissions of a curating tool to confirm you will have access to the channels you need.


Ease Of Use

Learning and using new systems and tools can quickly start to feel complicated. When choosing a platform to streamline your feeds, look for an intuitive, user-friendly resource that delivers optimal ease of use so you and your team can minimize ramp up time needed to begin effectively gathering and showcasing published content.


Content Creation & Management

Collecting all pertinent posts and comments about your brand isn't enough; it's also critical to source a platform that allows users to create and add custom content into their feeds as well. Having the ability to upload editable and sponsored posts into your collective feed instantly boosts marketing value as well as empowers you to take control of the online conversation amongst your followers.


Moderation Features

When it comes to managing real-time posts, nothing proves more valuable than having the ability to moderate what's being posted to your feed. Moderation features enable you to swoop in and instantly eliminate spamming, trolls, and rogue commenters to ensure everything published in your live stream is appropriate and on-point with your brand identity.


Visual Appeal

Even the most technically competent aggregator quickly wears out its welcome if it doesn't sport a clean, compelling design. This is particularly true for companies and brands that simply don't have the internal design resources needed to reconfigure the esthetics and layout. Look for a platform that delivers a visually compelling out-of-the-box application that not only looks great, but also requires minimal backend code for a seamless integration, expedited launch, and continuous performance.


Enhanced SEO

Question: When should you utilize online marketing tactics that don't boost your SEO status? Answer: Never.  Every digital channel should provide an opportunity to both resonate with readers and rise in browser rankings. Your selected social media aggregator is no exception. Choose an application that uses Javascript to guarantee you get the Google attention you deserve.


Mobile Ready

On-the-go access to your relevant content maximizes the influence and impact of your aggregated feeds throughout your online community. Not only should your followers be able to check out your feeds on their mobile devices, your platform should also be easily displayed on electronic screens and projectors to keep your brand firmly planted on their social media radars at all times. 


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