Using Social Media Aggregators For Interactive Storytelling

Interactive storytelling is one of the best ways to engage your brand’s audience and build lasting relationships. The question is – where do you start? Social media aggregators are ideal for this.

The reason it works is that people want more than just great products. They want experiences. Storytelling is how you show you’re more than just a product.

Let Others Tell Their Story

Interactive storytelling only works if your customers or fans are involved. This is why you need to create storytelling campaigns. For instance, if you’re an environmentally-friendly brand, you may create a hashtag like #yourenvironmentyourway.

Then, people can use the hashtag to share how they’re taking steps to make the environment a better place. Suddenly, you have numerous people engaging with your brand about the environment, proving that you don’t just care about your products, but how everyone feels.

Hashtag Experiences

It’s fine to showcase your brand’s products. After all, the ultimate goal is to sell products. But first, you have to sell your brand. As Forbes points out, the only way to stand out is to make your brand not only unforgettable, but more human.

So, why not let customers share their experiences? How has your brand helped them in some way? Go beyond customers too. If your brand does charity work, post about it. Share stories about how your brand has helped improve the lives of others in some way.

Create a hashtag that includes your brand’s name and possibly the word experience or life-changing.

Show You Care

Believe it or not, studies have shown that customers care more about the emotional connection between you and your customers than their own satisfaction. Use social media to add a human element to your brand.

Share what your employees are up. Talk about involvement in the community. You can even get partner brands involved to show it’s more about the customer than being competitive.

If there are causes that are near and dear to your brand, put them out there. Many of your customers care about the same thing. This brings you closer together and creates a lasting bond.

Social Media Aggregators To The Rescue

All of this sounds great, but it’s only beneficial if it’s easy to see. Use social media aggregators for interactive storytelling. Gather all these hashtags into one place on your site so customers can see exactly who you are and what your customers think too. Using an aggregator like Curator makes it easy to gather your hashtags from multiple social media platforms.

Image: Mike Erskine