Where To Get The Best Wedding Hashtag [Examples For Inspiration]

The wedding day is an exciting time for the bride and groom, but it can also be stressful to plan everything. One thing you might not have considered is what wedding hashtags or phrases you want to use on social media during your wedding. You don’t have to strain your brain to come up with some unique wedding hashtag ideas. In order to help with this decision, here are some great wedding hashtag examples and where to find more inspiration!

Why Get A Wedding Hashtag?

If you're not sure what wedding hashtag examples to use, there are many suggestions listed below. These wedding hashtags will help create a cohesive social media presence for your wedding and allow all of the guests to share in the experience! 

Wedding hashtags aren't just used on your wedding day. They can also be used to plan wedding activities, coordinate wedding guests' travel and accommodations, introduce new wedding traditions, or find the perfect wedding dress.

A wedding hashtag allows your guests to have an interactive role in wedding planning. They can share wedding ideas, post their own wedding photos, and find inspiration for wedding gifts!

When used appropriately, they act as a central location to store all the memories of your big day. You don't want any important moments forgotten because it was never shared on social media! 

The best place to find wedding hashtag ideas is by looking at other people's posts from their weddings or searching on Instagram with tags like #weddinghashtagideas. You can also search wedding blogs and even Pinterest for tons of ideas.

Of course, you're busy and searching deeply for wedding hashtag examples may not be a priority. That's when you need to explore wedding hashtag generators or hiring an affordable service to write a unique wedding hashtag for you. Let's explore each of these options.

Top Places To Find Wedding Hashtag Examples

Thanks to the Internet, you have lots of options for finding wedding hashtag examples. Here’s where you can start:

Wedding Blogs

Wedding blogs contain a plethora of wedding inspo when it comes to planning your big day, and that includes little details like wedding hashtags as well! Many wedding blogs offer a wide variety of hashtag inspiration for any wedding theme you could dream of, from Disney to Star Wars. Browsing through a couple of posts may help get your creative juices flowing to customize your own! This blog from Wedding Hashers is a prime example of housing all types of wedding hashtags that you could steal for your big day. Here are just a few Disney wedding hashtag ideas the blog includes:

The Knot also offers hashtag inspiration for brides-to-be, like in this article on finding and creating the perfect wedding hashtag:

The best part about exploring blogs like these is that it’s free! Free inspiration for you to steal, or use as a springboard to come up with your own unique hashtag. Pair advice from the experts with some photo-inspo on Instagram, and you’ll have that timeless, unique wedding hashtag your guests will be sure to remember -- and use!


IG is the OG for image-based inspo. We highly suggest following your favorite wedding planners and designers to keep up with what’s current and trendy. Although you’ll get lots of photos of place settings, enviable wedding locations, and unforgettable dresses, you’ll also access wedding hashtag examples used by other couples. We don’t suggest you copy these verbatim. Instead, use the Instagram platform as a jumping off point for creating some yourself or giving the ideas to a writing service to create some for you.


Pinterest is the ideal way to organize your wedding inspiration. You can create boards for each wedding task: from wedding hashtags to your favorite party favors. Consider Pinterest your free, personal filing system for all things wedding inspiration. Wedding blogs and other couples use this platform as a way to share their own ideas, and that’ll help you curate your own dream wedding. It’s definitely one of the essential places to find wedding planning ideas.

How To Create A Wedding Hashtag

To create your own wedding hashtag, you really have two options: 1) hire a professional writing service, or 2) use a wedding hashtag generator. Depending on your creative aptitude and budget, one or both of these options may be right for you and your spouse-to-be.

Use a Professional Wedding Hashtag Service

For couples who are too busy to write a wedding hashtag themselves should use a service that creates wedding hashtags. They specialize in funny, punny, and memorable wedding hashtag ideas that’ll have your wedding guests sharing their memories all night long! 

First, they’ll ask you a set of questions that tell them more about you and your fiancé. They might ask about your shared interests, how you met, or where your wedding will be located. Then, they’ll get to work writing a shortlist of amazing wedding hashtags. After that, they send you the list and you pick which hashtag is right for your big day. It’s as simple as that!

The Pros and Cons of Using a Hashtag Service

The benefits of using a hashtag writing service are:

  • You have a wedding hashtag the day you want it.
  • It's less time consuming than creating your own wedding hashtags yourself.
  • You don’t have to spend time searching online for inspiration.
  • You can count a team of professional writers to come up with some amazing, unique wedding hashtags.

The cons of using wedding hashtag writing service:

  • While affordable, there might not be room in the budget for a truly low-cost wedding.
  • Sometimes they're not quite what you envisioned.
  • You can’t say you created the hashtag yourself.

Overall, we think the pros outweigh the cons of using pro writers to make your wedding hashtag, but you know best what path is right for you.

Wedding Hashtag Generators

Wedding hashtag generators are a type of wedding content generator that creates wedding hashtags for you. You can find a free wedding hashtag generator on a few different wedding websites. Wedding generators tend to be similar in how they work and the content they output.

Usually, generators will ask you to plug in some basic information, such as wedding date, wedding location, and your names to create a bunch of wedding hashtags for you.

Wedding hashtag generators are great because they provide wedding hashtag ideas that match your information. However, they are often generic wedding hashtag examples. They could be a good jumping off point for other ideas, but they’re rarely good enough to actually use.

Pros and Cons vs Using Professional Writers

The pros of using professional writers are simple:

  • It saves you time, so that you can focus on other aspects of your wedding.
  • You get unique, one-of-a-kind wedding hashtags to use before, during, and after your wedding.
  • A high-quality, catchy hashtag is more likely to be used by your guests, ensuring you get fun and candid social media posts and photos to commemorate your special day.

The cons of using a professional hashtag writing service:

  • It costs money (but not much).
  • You might not love every hashtag the writers provide.

At the end of the day, the choice about whether to use a professional writer versus a hashtag generator is completely up to you! What’s important is that you get the final product you expect and are happy sharing with others involved and attending your wedding.

10 Top Wedding Hashtag Examples

Wedding hashtags are a great way to get people engaged with your wedding on social media. From posting the location of your wedding, to sharing photos during the event and even live video feeds, wedding hashtags can be used for plenty of purposes! However, it is important that you have some good wedding hashtags as examples of what you might like to use. Here are 10 top wedding hashtag examples:

  • Hobby-based wedding hashtags (#RaceToTheAlter for our runners)
  • Movie-based wedding hashtags (#MarryYouIWill for our Star Wars fans)
  • Sports-themed wedding hashtags (#BearDownWithThePatricks for our Chicago Bears fans)
  • Funny wedding hashtags (#YouHaveAPizzaMyHeart for our pizza and comedy fans)
  • Disney wedding hashtag examples (#GunnaKissTheGirl, for our Little Mermaid lovers)
  • Romantic wedding hashtags (#MyLoveMyLife, for those who revel in romance)
  • Music-themed wedding hashtags (#HePutARingOnIt, for Queen Bey’s royal subjects)
  • Classic wedding hashtag (#TurnersBecomeOne2021, if you want to keep it simple)
  • Destination wedding hashtag (#LoveInTheSun2022, for those looking for a beach wedding)
  • One-of-a-kind wedding hashtag (#HappyHourHappyCouple, for those Friday night weddings that start with a cocktail)

Pick A Wedding Hashtag That’s Right For You

You’ll want to pick wedding hashtags that match your interests and the tone of your wedding event. You might not think a hashtag is appropriate if it doesn’t fit with you or what type of wedding you’re having, but don't be afraid to explore different ideas! Whether you use a wedding generator or hire a hashtag writing service, wedding hashtags can help you add a little more personality to your wedding day.