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Benefits Of Live Hashtag Feed At Your Next Event

If you have ever organized a mega event, you already have an idea of how much work it entails. You need to figure out how to create an intriguing program, handle the attendee register, and find a suitable location among other things. Even more importantly, you have to give your attendees a memorable experience. Using content aggregators such as and social media hashtag feeds can go a long way in creating and sustaining a high-level interest at your event. When Used correctly, hashtag feeds can help keep your audience engaged before, during and after the event.

But what is a hashtag?

Simply put, a hashtag is a word, name, acronym or phrase, preceded with a # symbol.  When clicked, it leads you to other posts on a social network with the same hashtag. On social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, if your hashtag is used many times, it becomes a trending topic that they display on their homepage.

What makes a great hashtag?

For your hashtag to spark discussions, it has to be:
  • Relevant and descriptive. A common strategy is to include your event name.
  • Unique. Do proper research to ensure that the hashtag you choose is not already in use for a different purpose.
  • Short. A short hashtag is easier to remember. Most people at your event will probably be using a smartphone, which is not easy to type on. Keeping your hashtag short will make it easier to type.
  • Easy to understand. Using acronyms and abbreviations is a great way to keep your hashtag short. But make sure the hashtag you settle on is not too complicated that people cannot decrypt it.  Also, if your hashtag is more than one word, consider using capital letters to make it easier to read.

Why use a live hashtag feed at your next event?

Using a live hashtag feed at your next event will help you get the most out of your event hashtag. is an excellent and cost-effective choice to run a hashtag wall at your event. It comes with support for more than ten social media platforms. What is more, curator gives you full control of the CSS so you can rebrand it to look exactly like your site.  A live hashtag wall enables you to:
  1. Engage the audience
Creating and sustaining a high level of interest at your event can be a daunting task.  A live hashtag feed wall could put your mind at ease. Keep your attendees fully engaged by posing questions to them. Throw out topics for them to discuss. As you keep driving the conversation in your event with exciting views and ideas, live hashtag feed walls serve as an entertainment element that will maintain your attendees’ interest. Keep their faces beaming with excitement as they read posts from their fellow attendees, campaigns, competitions, Q&As, winners, guests, and event speakers. Moreover, seeing their twitter handle displayed on the big screen is a great incentive that will get your attendees engaging actively with your event activities. The live hashtag feed is like a wall of fame that encourages people to tweet more, share pictures or videos give feedback and much more. Consequently, they will feel more involved. To spur the engagement even further, ask your speakers to reference the live hashtag feed even as they proceed with their speeches.
  1. Increase visibility
Having your event attendees tweeting about your event means that their followers, whether or not they are at the event will also be tweeting about it. What better way to gain visibility for your event? As long as you keep the discussion interesting for both your guests and others who might be engaging from afar, you can have your event's hashtag move from your hashtag feed to the entire Twittersphere in a short evening. If you have a prominent guest gracing your event, subtly suggest to them that they should tweet about your event. Your event will look more legitimate with a seal of approval from this important person. You will also get access to their pool of twitter followers.
  1. Impress your guests
Hashtag walls are fun. The beautiful walls will amaze and entertain your attendees. They will enjoy seeing pictures of other guests as well as reading their thoughts and experiences at your event. It is also fun for them to gather around and have something to talk about. The continually changing stream of tweets on the screens will ensure that your guests have something to say. Keep the hashtag feeds as visually appealing as possible and you will hold your guest's attention even better.
  1. Display your brand
Another advantage of having a live hashtag feed at your event is that it allows you to display your brand. Use the wall to highlight your tone aesthetics as well as your brand values. Be creative while designing your wall. Choose a font style, theme, tweet display style and layout that reflects your brand style. With the many customization options available, you can change the color and layout to go with that of your brand. You should also display your logo on the hashtag feed. Here you can choose to be minimalistic by going for a small logo on the corner of the wall or dramatically display a large banner on the wall.
  1. Marketing content
You can utilize the user-generated content from your live hashtag feed, moderate it and display it in your social media. By doing this, you present your brand as an enterprise with global clientele which in turn reflects on your organization's progress and global presence. Also, the people attending your event will give honest reviews of your products. Most people respond better to positive reviews from real users than to clean marketing and advertising. Live hashtag feeds help you to aggregate all the content energy from Twitter and use to inform your guests about what other brand followers are saying. To add to that, you can use your digital screens to show other forms of marketing material. For example, you can play a promotional video at regular intervals then display a message encouraging your guests to share it on their social media channels.

Wrapping up

As you can see, providing value for the people attending your event is never that hard. Live hashtag feeds can go a long way in increasing your brand visibility while keeping your guests engaged and entertained. What say you? Have you used live hashtag feeds before? How did your business benefit? Share your experiences with us here.