Save Time While Building Your Brand With Content Aggregation Services

Do you have a limited time creating new content for your audience?  Do you have moments when you feel like you have run short of content ideas? You are not alone.  Many entrepreneurs admit that they are experiencing a hard time producing fresh content for their audiences.

To remain visible to your audience, you need to be consistent in posting fresh and valuable content on your online platforms. The good news is that content aggregation tools such as can help you generate useful content and save time as you build your brand.

So, what are content aggregators?

Content aggregation is a smart and simple way of collecting relevant and valuable information around the web and then displaying them on one place (your online platforms). The information collected can be based on single or multiple keywords and topics your audience will find useful.

The tools behind this genius processes are known as aggregators. This includes; social news aggregators, Instagram aggregators, hashtags aggregators and many others.

How do aggregators save you time?

Aggregating content using the above tools is an automated process. There is limited involvement of humans. Pull your hair out no more as you try to figure out what type of content to produce; the topic to write, the keywords and even length of the articles or videos.

Aggregators have reduced content generation into five simple steps. Let’s dive in and explore:

Identify the type of content

You only need a few minutes to brainstorm the topics that your audience would love and will help build your brand. This process can be simplified by digging into your analytics. Look at the types of content that resonate well with your readers. Indicators could be the highest number of readers, top content shares and comments among other KPIs. The good thing is that this process can be performed entirely by machines.

Select the best content

You can also automate this stage. Here, your task is to pick information that contains relevant keywords and covers your topic adequately. Sieve low-quality content like those with missing links or proper attribution.


After selecting the best content, it’s now time to put it in categories. Grouping makes it easier for the reader to navigate and find content on your site. Also, you get easier time making sense of the analytics. This step is as easy as identifying the specific keywords and categorize them. This can be done by hashtag aggregators, social news aggregators etc.

Arranging the content

All you have to do here is to systematically display the content in a simple manner that won’t confuse the reader. Avoid arrangements based on things like products, brands or companies because they are general themes. Instead, use publication dates, topics or authors to save time finding them.

Displaying the content

Finally, display the aggregated content on your website by embedding it using feeds API or use giant screens or projectors that are strategically positioned.

Wrap up

There you have it. In just five automated and straightforward steps, you can generate massive quality and relevant content that will help you build your brand. And the best part content aggregation is that you have access to quality content without having to spend days or even weeks researching, drafting and writing.