Why A Custom Social Media Aggregator Can Boost Your Brand

For any business looking to boost their social media presence, a custom social media aggregator is a highly reliable content management solution. In today’s digital landscape, applying a one size fits all approach to your social media strategy simply doesn’t cut it. Daily, people are bombarded with a proliferation of content all vying for their attention. Content is key, however too much irrelevant content will deter audiences. Projecting a cohesive and strong social media feed can really boost your brands' overall marketing strategy. With a social media aggregator, you can cherry-pick the content your audience wants. Read on to find out how.

What is a social media aggregator and why do I need one?

Social media is too powerful a tool to leave to ad-hoc posting. To fully leverage social media to boost your brand, you need a strategy and a plan. This is why a social media aggregator is your ticket to efficiently managing your social media content. The tool works by aggregating and pulling in thematic content around keywords and hashtags from multiple platforms. The result is a highly curated and diverse feed.

Cultivate a stronger online presence that’s consistent

People aren’t attracted to businesses, they’re attracted to ideas and impressions. Therefore, appealing to your desired target audience means tailoring your social media content to set themes. An aggregator like for instance, enables you to better refine and establish your brands voice.

Establish your brands style and voice by improving the quality and relevance of the content you publish. For example, an organic food brand pulling in content around the hashtag #natural or #organic will be in a better position to share content that's specific to their set audience.

Discover trends and position your brand as ‘on point’

Trends are perpetually changing. Keeping up with industry news and trends can require the manpower and time that you might not necessarily have. A custom social media aggregator solves this, by automatically scanning multiple social media platforms. You can therefore easily tap into current conversations. Sourcing content that’s fresh, live and current is key to maintaining your audiences’ interest. Moreover, evidencing your brand's knowledge and expertise in a set field helps build social proof. Importantly, this helps nurture a reciprocal relationship whereby you offer your audience more than a hard sell.

Final words

In summary, a custom social media aggregator boosts brands' social media feed. Don’t risk falling behind your competitors. Curate and transform your feed into a site of interest, with minimal effort. So, be sure to check out’s features and get in touch to find out more.