3 Things You Can Expect From Using A Social Media Aggregator

As any business owner knows, social media plays an instrumental role in marketing your brand and extending your reach. Managing content can be a challenge, so it's crucial to find a tool that simplifies this process. Easy to use and implement, a social media aggregator is the answer to every marketer's content management needs.

Why? Content is everywhere. According to Hootsuite, a whopping 95 million posts are posted on Instagram every day. As a result, it's easy to find yourself overwhelmed with choice. It can be difficult to cut through the noise and refine your feed to display the right content. Cue social media aggregators - the tools that allow you to create impactful social media feeds, custom built to resonate with your audience.

For those that don’t know about social media aggregators, get to know them. As the name suggests, a social aggregator works by aggregating content from multiple channels. This aggregated content is then displayed in one, central stream. The result is a highly curated and tailored social media feed.

How Does A Social Media Aggregator Work?

Call them the Marie Kondo of social media marketing - social media aggregators help you organise, order and optimise your social media feed. A social media aggregator works by pulling content from different social media platforms. Simply pick a tool that’s compatible with the platforms you want to pull content from. For instance, supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and RSS. Your aggregated content is then embedded as a single feed, which can be displayed on your website, blog or digital screens.

Why do I need a social media aggregator?

The average person spends up to 2 hours and 20 minutes a day consuming social media content. It's clear then, that social media is too important to not pay enough attention to.

Tailoring your social media content to appeal to your target audience is really important. A social media aggregator helps achieve that goal by automating pulling and discovering content that's specific to your areas. As a result, you're able to cherry-pick the content that your audience will be interested in. Consolidating your content in one, easy and accessible place provides your audience with everything they need without having to search far.

Furthermore, displaying a live social media feed helps create stronger brand experiences, as they reinforce a sense of social proof. Customers need more than a selling pitch from your sales team. They need proof in the form of reviews, sales calls, comments and articles from experts. Displaying a live and varied feed exudes a confidence and sense of belief in your own brand. Customers will gravitate towards this, so use it your advantage. Regardless of your industry, a social media aggregator can help you cultivate a stronger online presence.

1. Reliability & Protection

First and foremost, a social media aggregator gives you complete control over what your audiences see, and when. Digital environments are rife with distractions and competition, which means that those initial impressions really matter. You need to capture your audience’s attention with content that communicates your brand's message effectively. This extends to safeguarding your social media feed against spam and any harmful or inappropriate content. What's more, the tool comes with the functionality to review and approve content before it even reaches the eyes of your audience. Therefore, with a social media aggregator, you have a much-needed layer of protection from trolls and spam. Protecting your brand from harmful content is critical when it comes to upholding your brand's reputation.

2. Tailored & Relevant Content 

A social media aggregator allows you to pull relevant content from multiple sources, in real time. This means that your followers can benefit from fresh and current content. It’s no secret that live content is key to creating a buzz around a brand. By consolidating the content into a live feed, you therefore appeal to an audience that demands immediacy. Convenience and ease is key to maintaining interest.

For example, say there’s a trending article circulating on Twitter on how investing in good quality shoes is good for your posture. If you’re a shoe retailer – your aggregator can pick up and post that. Integrating relevant content from different resources, helps you build a fuller and richer social media presence. As a result, this situates your feed as a site of interest to prospective followers.

Staying on top of new trends and conversations is important. Subsequently,
you need to provide your audience with a diverse feed. This is made possible with a reliable tool like With Curator, you can grow your awareness of industry-specific news and content. Discover what people are talking about in your industry, by adjusting your settings to pick up on keywords. So, let's say your industry is in fashion. By setting automated hashtags searches for #LFW for example, you have access to a wider pool of content. A social media aggregator will automatically scan and refresh a search for content featuring those keywords. What's more, you can tailor content to certain geographical areas. This helps you fine tune your search to your target group.

3. Audience Engagement

An aggregator helps you get to know your audience better. Audience insights are really valuable. With a social media aggregator tool, you're privy to actionable insights. An aggregator picks up on anything from customer feedback to influencer insights.

In particular, this is useful for social walls at live events. Social walls encourage audiences to share live updates. These updates are shared with dedicated hashtags. An aggregator will then pick up and display these posts on a live feed.

First and foremost, this technique maximises audience engagement. Planting the incentive to post by reposting your followers content is effective. Plus, you're more likely to appeal to larger crowds if you feature content from real people. This drives a more interactive relationship through live, real time posting. Subsequently, this makes your audience feel closer and more involved in your brand As a result, social media aggregators collapse the barrier between brands and audiences. Understanding your audience is a crucial part of increasing audience engagement. Luckily, reliable social media aggregators such as, come with inbuilt analytics. With a social media aggregator, you can review how well your posts and campaigns are performing. Thereafter, you can use these insights to inform your future strategy.

Final words

In summary, social media aggregators help curate richer social media feeds. Bid farewell to manual monitoring and embrace a tool you can rely on. By pooling content in one, easy to access source you have more variety to choose from. The tool is therefore a reliable solution to all your content management needs. Start making the most out of existing social media content today. Check out 's features to find out more.