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Best Ways To Build A Wedding Hashtag Wall

A wedding hashtag wall is a great way to make your wedding more engaging for everyone involved. Often times, no one ever sees the pictures friends and family take, especially if they forget to tag the couple on social media.

Of course, it can take weeks to get your professional wedding photos and then you have to take time sharing them social media.

Why not share photos and social media posts in real-time during your wedding reception? Better yet, display them on a wall for everyone to enjoy. Building your own wedding hashtag wall might just be the easiest part of planning your wedding.

Pick An Easy To Remember Wedding Hashtag

Your first step is to pick a wedding hashtag. After all, without your hashtag, it's impossible to aggregate posts to your wedding hashtag wall. Now, this might seem stressful as you discover other couples already using every hashtag you come up with, but don't worry.

The first step is to choose which social media platforms you want to use. You'll need to check for your wedding hashtag on all platforms to ensure you're using something unique. Otherwise, you risk your wall being filled with posts from someone else's wedding.

If your mind is blank, that's not a problem. After all, you already have a lot going on with picking a venue, deciding on seating arrangements and picking the perfect cake.

Let a wedding hashtag generator handle the work for you. Since wedding hashtag walls are becoming so popular, generators have cropped up to help you pick something fun and unique. Of course, you can still always go with something on your own too.

Some great wedding hashtag generator options include:

  • Shutterfly - This one gives you numerous options based on your names, wedding date and nicknames. It also lets you check each hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Wedding Wire - Works similar to Shutterfly with just a few more details thrown in.
  • Random Word Generator - Offers wedding hashtags in addition to numerous other types of generators. Choose from three different types of hashtags, including Fun, Traditional and Offbeat.
  • eWedding - A great option if you're already using their wedding website creation tools.

Now that you've got that part down, the hardest part is behind you.

Spread The Word (Or Hashtag)

You've got the hashtag for your wedding hashtag wall, but you've got to spread the word. Get just as excited about sharing your hashtag as you did your engagement.

A few great ways to do this include:

  • Adding it to your wedding website
  • Sharing it on social media
  • Adding it to your invitations
  • Including it with gift registry details
  • Using it on any pre-wedding posts, such as posts about wedding planning

Naturally, people are going to forget. So, make sure it's posted at your wedding too. Wherever you choose to place your wedding hashtag wall, add the hashtag above and below it in a large, elegant font that's easy to read. You can also add it to your table settings so everyone remembers.

Encourage Posting Before The Wedding

If you want your wedding wall already populated with photos when you unveil it, encourage people to start using it before the wedding itself. For example, your wedding party might posts pictures from the rehearsal dinner or a funny blooper at the rehearsal itself.

As the couple, you could also post things about your engagement, wedding planning process, wedding shower and more. As soon as you unveil your wedding hashtag wall, guests get to see your journey to the big day. It's a great way to start your reception and see the transition from engaged to finally wed.

Choose Where You'll Display Posts

While it's called a wedding hashtag wall, this doesn't have to mean a literal wall. For most couples, it's a large projector screen or a flat screen TV or monitor.

You can have one or more "walls" set up, depending on the size of your venue and the number of rooms guests will be using. The ideal location is a central place where most guests will congregate. Placing it behind the wedding party's table or behind the dance floor typically works well.

Typically, you don't want your wedding wall going during the ceremony. However, if you have enough pre-wedding posts available, have a smaller wedding hashtag wall set up for guests to enjoy before the ceremony starts. Turn off the monitor before the wedding party starts to come in.

This is a great way to get some photos of guests arriving and sharing their excitement for your big moment.

Choose A Wedding Hashtag Wall Design

Think of your wedding hashtag wall as a customisable Instagram. You can stick with that type of design or go with a different format. Depending on the social media aggregator tool you use, you'll have the option to choose different templates, customise background colours, choose scrolling speeds and opt for different refresh rates.

It's your wedding, so don't be afraid to get creative. If you know CSS, you can even customise your wall even more.

Implement A Social Media Aggregator

All social media aggregator tools aren't created equal. In fact, some are only made for the web. While this is great for implementing on your wedding website, these might not look as good on a wedding hashtag wall.

For instance, has a feature called Curator for Events. A quick piece of code is all you need to go from a website social feed to a hashtag wall for your wedding or other events.

This makes it quick and easy to implement. Ideally, choose a social media aggregator that works for event walls and websites. This way, you can display your posts on your wedding website in real-time for loved ones who can't attend the wedding.

Choose How Many Posts To Show

This is more of a personal preference and also depends on the size of your wall. It's a good idea to test out your wall at your venue before the day of your wedding.

Check to see how many posts can display at a time while still being easily visible. You don't want your guests having to stand right next to the wall just to see the posts. Remember, new posts will display after a set number of minutes, so your wall will be constantly refreshing.

It's always better to show fewer posts at a time so everyone can enjoy the results more. The easier it is to see posts, the more people who will participate. After all, who doesn't want to see their own posts show up?

Start Posting While Getting Ready

First of all, don't give anything away, such as your gorgeous dress. However, it's fun to show off how you went from lack of sleep due to excitement to a stunning couple standing at the altar.

These are great photos to show while your guests are arriving too. If you don't want to show yourselves, let your wedding party have some fun taking photos while the two of you finish getting ready. Parents might want to get in on the action too for some fun, memorable shots that even your professional photographer might miss.

Determine Your Unveiling Moment

This might be a hard decision for some couples. When will you unveil your wedding hashtag wall? Should you wait until you arrive at the reception or have it going before you walk in?

Both options work well. You can always have someone start the wall and make an announcement about the hashtag and how to use it before you make your big entrance.

Or, start the social media showcase as you walk in. Either way, it makes a major impact and gets everyone taking pictures and posting their heartfelt congratulations.

Have A "Take A Picture" Period

Some people still have a hard time messing with their phones while they're at your wedding. Traditionally, it's thought to be disrespectful. So, show them that it's okay by having a 10-15 minute picture taking period. Encourage everyone to make silly faces and share how much fun they're having.

As the couple, have your phones nearby to take pictures of each other or selfies with your parents and/or bridal party. Dedicating a set picture time gets the ball rolling and starts building your wedding hashtag wall quickly.

Make sure everyone knows it's still okay to take pictures after this time, though. It's just an initial push to get your guests involved.

Encourage Friendly Competition

Having trouble building your wedding hashtag wall? Encourage some friendly competition. How many of your friends and family consider themselves the best amateur photographers ever?

Challenge them to take the best photo of the night. You could even have different categories, such as most romantic picture or silliest shot of the best man or maid of honor. Post the categories near your wall so guests know what types of photos to take along with the prizes for each winner.

Have some simple prizes in place. You can give away restaurant or store gift cards. It's fun for everyone and you'll get some amazing pictures out of it.

Have Fun Social Media Events

Make your wedding hashtag wall even more fun by encouraging some social media events. For instance, try putting together a scavenger hunt where participants have to share selfies as they find the items. Have guests play in teams so your feed isn't just filled with a hundred of the same item.

Have guests create memes out of their photos to share inside jokes about the couple. Or challenge guests to get selfies with a certain number of other guests to encourage more conversation, especially if guests don't already know each other.

Of course, you can just play games and post the fun to social media. This works well for guests who may not be into dancing. You can place simple party games at each table. Candid shots of your guests playing are always fun to look back on.

Add Various Selfie Frames Around

Selfies are always fun to post, but getting the perfect backdrop is difficult. Make it easier, encourage more selfies and know exactly when and where they were taken with selfie frames.

Place various sized frames throughout your venue for guests to hold up while taking selfies. These might feature your wedding wall hashtag or just your names and the date. You could even add different meaningful quotes to each frame.

And there's another fun social media event - challenging guests to find all the selfie frames and use them.

Once the reception is over, guests can take home their favorite frames as a memento. Or, take them home and use them to frame your favorite wedding photos.

Take A Moment To Thank Everyone

At the end of the evening, take a selfie with your partner and share it. As the post displays, get everyone's attention and thank them for helping make not only your wedding, but your wedding hashtag wall as success.

It's a great way to thank everyone for their participation in giving you numerous photos that you couldn't have gotten otherwise. Plus, you get all these incredible candid photos for free. It's hard to beat that. Just make sure everyone knows how thankful you both are.

Send Posts To Your Guests

Finally, send your wedding hashtag wall feed to your guests when everything is over. It's impossible for every guest to see every single post while they're interacting with other guests and you.

Since your guests did all the hard work, let them enjoy it. You can host the feed on your website. Or, create postcards out of the pictures and mail them to your guests. This works really well for thank you cards.

Give your wedding the social treatment by building a wedding hashtag wall. It's fun, easy to do and gives your wedding a completely different atmosphere. Plus, you get even more memories to look back on. See how Curator helps you make your wedding complete.

Image: Jonathan Borba