Can A WordPress Social Media Widget Help Boost Conversions?

Can A WordPress Social Media Widget Help Boost Conversions?

With WordPress as the marketing hub for your content, there are many WordPress widgets available to help boost conversions. From search engine optimization and social media plugins, email plugins to cross-promotional plugins, it's all now available.

You see, having a great product is essential. Using great content aggregators such as to engage your audience is more important. But they cannot boost your conversation rates on their own. You also need to incorporate WordPress widgets that will make it easy for your audience to subscribe or buy.

So, let’s dive in and explore two tools you may consider:

Call To Action (CTA)

A CTA (call to action) is an invitation for readers to act, such as "buy now" or "download the free sample." The CTA widget is a simple and complete way to add a Call To Action button to your website.

How it Converts:

The WordPress Call To Action widget lets you monitor your rate of conversion on your site. You may set up two different CTAs that will appear randomly for the various visitors; this will help you see the one that works better. This plugin tracks views and can tell you how many readers clicked on each variation, enabling you to make improvements to your CTAs.

Monarch Social Sharing

Since the arrival of Monarch in 2015, this widget has become among the most popular widgets for social sharing services available so far.

How it converts:

When content sharing on social media is not easy, many people prefer not to do it. What does this mean for your site? It is likely to hurt your readership and finally affect your conversions since your audience will stagnate (with no organic growth).

Monarch makes it easier for your readers to share content by controlling the location, size, and color of the share button. This widget also comes with a dashboard allowing you to monitor the sharing statistics. It will show you social media platforms where your content is doing best on; thus you can refocus your marketing efforts especially on these platforms. You can also use these statistics to reach out to your audience depending on their interaction behavior. For instance, if a particular audience is inactive, you can use a pop-up to attract their attention. And if they buy a product, you can prompt the customers to share a post about your shop with their social networks.

MailChimp Plugin

The MailChimp widget is an add-on to the MailChimp newsletter free software. It allows you to create customized sign-up forms which may fit in any content area or widget that is supported by your WordPress theme.

How it converts:

MailChimp is fantastic because it enables you to reach your audience on new posts or products directly into their email inbox. Even without visiting your blog, you can be sure that your audience will see your content as they access their emails. Email marketing can go a long way to build relationships with your readers, generating new customers, and increasing sales on your site.

Final Thoughts

Efficient use of conversion widgets can make a difference between a reader and a customer. What WordPress social media widgets do you use to help you boost your conversions? Leave a comment below.