7 Best Places to Find Instagram Marketing Jobs

Social media is a key tool for businesses to market their products. Daily, companies post job openings for digital marketers. One of the platforms that attract marketers is Instagram. You can find jobs such as social media manager, content coordinator, and ads specialist. 

Although there are many marketing jobs out there, finding them can be a challenge. You need to search places like marketing platforms, job platforms, and social media channels. Here are the best places to find Instagram marketing jobs. 

Social media platforms

Social media platforms help increase brand awareness, recognition, and traffic. You can earn commissions for each product sold or a salary. The amount you earn daily depends on the types of products you are selling. The volumes you sell and the commission percentage matter too. 

You need to choose a device that best suits you to work on Instagram. Most Instagram marketers prefer to use smartphones to connect with audiences. To increase productivity in social media marketing, you need a smoothly working phone. Here you can find amazing tips on optimizing your device for maximum productivity. You need to have your device optimized from the first day of your work as an Instagram marketing specialist. 

Nearly every business has a social media account. Many of them use the platforms to advance their marketing goals. The managers and workers are often busy and need marketers to help them. Social media channels are one of the best places to get Instagram marketing jobs. Scroll through or search under #Instagram marketers. You can tweak your keywords until you get your desired results. The channels you can search include:

  • Instagram: Instagram marketers use photos and videos to sell brands. You can get a wide variety of marketing jobs posted on the channels daily.
  • Facebook: Facebook boasts the highest number of social media accounts globally. You need to use hashtags when searching for Instagram marketing jobs on the platform.
  • Twitter: Twitter is another platform where you can search for marketing jobs using hashtags. Narrow down your search to Instagram marketers. 
  • TikTok: You can find thousands of marketing jobs for Instagram on this channel. 
  • WhatsApp: Daily, check WhatsApp status for marketing ads or your account. You may send messages in status and specifically state the style of job you want. 

Marketing platforms

Marketing platforms link marketers with employers and consumers. They create brand awareness and engagement with online communities. One of the best places they post marketing content is Instagram. The platforms do not just market to customers, but they also market themselves. When you work as an Instagram marketing influencer, you can charge per project or hour. To improve your job security, learn the tricks of writing influencer agreements

Many times, you get a higher number of companies and products to sell. To meet customer expectations, they hire online marketers for various platforms. If you want to get an Instagram marketing job, the marketing platform is one of the places to look. Here are some of the marketing platforms you can search for.

  • Google AdWords: Google AdWords allows marketers to bid for spaces to display ads. Marketers can upload product videos, texts, and listings. The company is growing and often advertises vacancies for marketers. 
  • HubSpot: HubSpot is a marketing automation tool. It helps attract and convert audiences to customers. They work with a large team of marketers to extend their customer base.
  • ShareASale: A highly growing affiliate marketing platform that advertises many marketing jobs. They hire Instagram marketers, bloggers, and vloggers. 
  • Shopify Affiliate: It is an online marketing program that pays commissions to marketers. You can post their products on Instagram and grow your customer base through ads. You can market as a product educator, influencer, reviewer, and many more options. 

Jobs advertisement platforms

Job advertisement boards create platforms for job seekers to search for open positions. Companies and individuals post jobs and wait for seekers to find them and apply. You need to register with one or more platforms to access the jobs. Some platforms charge for registration. However, many of them do not charge, but you must pay once you get a job. 

Your employer may deduct the payment from your first salary or commission. During registration, make sure you specify that you want to work as an Instagram marketer. Whenever such openings appear, the platform will send you a notification. Jobs advertisement platforms include:

  • Smart Recruiters: The platform works with thousands of companies globally. You can find hundreds of Instagram marketing jobs daily and apply. 
  • Join: Join allows you to apply for jobs for free. After sending your application, you can track its success on the same platform. 
  • Indeed: Indeed receives more than 300 million visitors monthly. You need to specify your job preferences. 
  • On Hires: On Hires promises to get you a job within three weeks. Search for Instagram marketing jobs and apply. 
  • Job Soid: The platform allows companies to advertise joins and share in other boards. 

Freelance jobs platforms

There are many freelance job platforms out there. They have millions of members and include both employers and workers. Choose one of the platforms and register as a worker or freelancer. You will get a wide range of job options to choose from. Specifically, indicate Instagram marketer or marketing. You need to stay logged in to see jobs as they flow in. To succeed fast, apply for as many Instagram marketing jobs as possible. Some of the freelance jobs platforms you can check include:

  • Fiverr: Fiverr allows companies and individuals to advertise for job openings. Freelancers then apply on bidding or fixed charge systems. You can get thousands of jobs advertised on this platform.
  • Upwork: Thousands of businesses post jobs on Upwork every day. The platform connects you with customers, and after you get paid, they get a commission. 
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a leading professional network globally. Millions of individuals and organizations post jobs daily. The platform allows you to specify the type of job you are looking for. It sends you alerts in your email account after every new job post. 
  • Freelancer works like Upwork, although the two channels have different levels of popularity. It's one of the oldest platforms that enjoys continued popularity.
  • PeoplePerHour:  PeoplePerHour allows brands and individuals to source for specific talents, mostly UK-specific. You must be ready for hourly hire or work per project. You need to register and add your talent and job preferences. 

Search engines

Search engines allow you to carry out online searches. When you use a search engine to search for Instagram marketing jobs, you have an advantage. They connect all other platforms online. This includes websites, blogs, social media, video channels, and marketers. Just search for Instagram marketing jobs, and you will get a large number of results. Choose the job that best fits you and apply. Search engines include:

  • Google Search: Google Search handles over 3.5 billion searches daily. To refine your search, use the specific keywords.
  • Yahoo: Yahoo has a wide range of features that you can use to get your job done fast. 
  • Bing: Bing is owned and managed by Microsoft. It is a fast-growing search engine.
  • Baidu: Baidu is based in China and focuses more on the Chinese market. 
  • AOL: AOL is based in America and has been in the market for close to 40 years.

Video streaming channels

Video streaming channels offer video online entertainment on demand. They avail TV shows, movies, music, and video games online. Many companies use them to market their products. They need marketers for channels like Instagram, websites, and blogs. They often post job openings on their websites. Check their job portals often, and you could find an opportunity to market on Instagram. Some of the channels include:

  • YouTube: YouTube marketing uses videos and text to promote brands. Marketers post videos and ask viewers to subscribe or like them. Some of the advertisers post jobs, and you could find your preferred marketing job. 
  • Netflix: Many videos on Netflix include ads for jobs for channels such as Instagram. 
  • Hulu: Search Hulu, and you could get someone who needs an Instagram marketer. 

Websites and blogs

Blog and website marketing is a popular strategy used by individuals and organizations. Marketers connect directly with their audiences or through advertising. They use a wide range of content, such as videos, texts, memes, and images. Bloggers need Instagram marketers to help them expand their customer reach. 

You can get different Instagram marketing ads on most blogs and websites. To succeed as an Instagram marketer, you can open a website or blog and post content. Learn how to add Reels to your website to help you publish creative content that adds fun. 


Instagram is an important tool for organizations and individuals to market products. Marketers use videos and photos to create ads and post them on their accounts. There are many platforms where you can find Instagram marketing jobs. You can search on social media platforms, blogs and websites, and search engines. You may also use marketing platforms, job advertising, and freelancer channels. Indicate your specific preferences and apply to as many jobs as you can.