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Free Social Media Feeds For Your Website

Social media is an excellent platform that helps you grow your business. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram enable small businesses to connect with their customers in a more personal and direct way. However, some of your customers might not be aware of your social media presence.

To increase your online following, you need to embed your social media feeds directly to your website. This allows a seamless connection between social media and your site, leading to even more organic traffic.

In this post, we shall explore free social media feeds and third-party tools you can use to build your brand and remain in touch with your customers. But first things first, what are some of the specific benefits of using social media feeds on your website?

Benefits of using free social media feeds on your website

Social media feeds aren't difficult to implement. Plus, with all the free tools available, there's no reason not to at least try them to see how your site's visitors react. In most cases, you'll find they're a welcome addition and make your site a one-stop shop for everything related to your brand.

Some of the top benefits include:

  • They help increase brand awareness and generate leads. Seeing social discussions about your brand increases trust, which helps generate more leads.
  • They help boost your rankings on Google search by showing that you are continually updating your site. This is just one of many proven ways to boost your rank for free.
  • Keeps visitors on your website. Google loves it when people stay on your site and engage with the content. This helps you become an authority in your niche. Since no one has to leave to check you out on social media, they stay longer.
  • It encourages more followers since people can now follow you directly from the embedded feeds.
  • Saves you time. There is no need to replicate content on your website. Often times brands try to duplicate their efforts on every platform. Now, every platform can be unique, adding more variety to your website.
  • Collects all your social media profiles in one place. This makes it easier to monitor your social presence. Plus, if you're using a social aggregator tool, it's even easier to manage everything in one place.
  • It increases your advertising reach.
  • It improves your website presentation. Brands often have stale sites that are rarely updated. Free social media feeds update constantly, adding new content every time a visitor comes to your site.
  • Increase brand trust and loyalty. Social media is already an effective tool for building trust and relationships. By having your feeds on your website, you're able to combine your website and social media strategies into one consistent conversation with your customers.

As you can see, the benefits have the potential to help you grow your brand with minimal effort.

4 free social media feeds for your website

Most social media networks come complete with their own free social media feeds. This is ideal if your brand is only on one or two platforms. After all, a simple approach works well.

Since the networks themselves are free to use, their feeds are as well. All it takes is few quick changes to your site's code or even a third-party plugin and you're all set.

Facebook feed

Facebook is a great place for potential customers to find information about your business. Feeds stream posts (including video and photos) from your Facebook business page on to your site. This means that all the visitors to your site get to see your activity on Facebook without having to leave your website or search for it.

Facebook feed is very easy to set up. All you need to do here is use a plug-in generator to embed your profile on your website. This widget allows you to choose what content you want to share on the feed and include a like or share button.

Instagram feed

Instagram tools such as Instagram pro, InstaWidget, Lightwidget, and Stadget enable you to display your perfectly styled feed by streaming it live to your website. These apps allow for a lot of customization. You can choose what hashtags and profiles you want to include from a feed as well as how you would like the feed to be displayed on your site.

Most Instagram apps are 100% flexible. This means that you have the option of having your Instagram feed cover your entire page. Another great feature is a pop up with all the detailed information of each image such as caption, comments, likes, and hashtags. This feature brings the look and feels of Instagram to your website and can help drive sales.

Twitter feed

Twitter is a great way to connect with your audience. You can even gain a few more followers by embedding your Twitter feed to your website.

With a Twitter feed, you do not have to worry about the blue color not matching your brands color scheme.  You can customize the app to look just as you want it to. You can also customize the layout styling and borders. What is more, the app has an even more impressive feature that allows you to add your own JS and CSS.

Pinterest feed

Other than images and recipes, there is a ton of curated content on Pinterest. You can quickly gather valuable information such as inspirational quotes, images, and other exciting content by following thought leaders in your area.

To embed Pinterest to your website, use Pinterest's Widget Builder tool. You can choose to integrate your entire profile or a specific pin or board. You also have the choice of creating a save or share button. As soon as you input your Pinterest board URL and adjust the size, the proper code will be ready for your website.

Other solutions

While embedding the above social feeds is a no-brainer, you may also consider partnering with a third party company to do all the work for you. Such companies offer specialized tools that help you add social feeds to your website, as well as ensure your feeds are up to date.

If you use multiple platforms, it's also easier to use a third-party tool to gather free social media feeds together. Plus, you often get additional features to help you add more curated content to your site, such as choosing several hashtags or posts from industry thought leaders or influencers too.

The common ones that have everything you need to get started include:

Social Media Stream

This app is a good choice for you if you would like to aggregate all your social feeds into one. With Social Media Stream, you can display all your networks in one neat and organized widget. The app allows you to add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr blog, and Youtube channel or playlist.

Adding the feed is as simple as adding your profile URL. You can also customize the colors layout and design to suit your brand.

Easy Content

In our content driven and overloaded world, it pays to make it easier for your visitors to access your content. Easy Content, just like its name suggests, helps you do just that.  It allows you to add content to your website effortlessly. The content appears in the form of a list that your visitors can browse through.

You can decide on how you want the app to appear on your website. You can also decide on what content you want to display on your site. Easy Content gives you room to cater to all your audiences’ interests by allowing you to select from multiple subjects or even create some of your own.

My Reviews

Most people read several reviews of a business before they transact with them.  In fact, 90% of people read reviews before engaging with a business. When people hear about your business, they will search for as many reviews as possible and read them before they buy from you. Having star-based reviews embedded can increase conversions by 17% or more.

My Reviews helps you to add any valuable reviews about your website from Google or Facebook. Your readers are able to access all the information they need on your site without having to leave.

Keeping your audience on your site not only gives them valuable information about your brand, but it also keeps them engaged on your site, which leads to further interaction. Offering your business's reviews on your website is a sign of transparency, and it helps in increasing trust. After all, if you're not hiding your reviews, you're not hiding anything else.

Consider using this feed in additional to other free social media feeds to give visitors even more information about your brand in one place.

Curator allows you to specify content sources such as Instagram tags and Twitter usernames. It then aggregates this content into a feed that you can embed on your website.

Curator allows you to embed the feeds directly as CSS, HTML or JavaScript. This gives you total control over the appearance of your feed and allowing you to customize so it with your business's branding.

Curator supports several social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Google+, Tumblr, Vine, and RSS.

To install Curator, you need to download the plugin zip file, unzip it and then upload the file to your website under the plugins directory. After that, customize the plugin to your needs and start enjoying the many benefits of free social media feeds.

Final word

Social media feeds are meant to get people to click on your website by creating buzz around your business. Therefore, just embedding the free feeds we have discussed in this post on your website is not enough. You have to ensure that your audience actually engages your content. Here are several tips to help you get more engagement with your social media feeds:

  • Keep relevant content that will interest your audience. Consistently add fresh content to social media and consider bringing in content from relevant brands and influencers too.
  • Hashtag all your content with your business name to makes it easier to find. Make sure the hashtag is unique to your business.
  • Share interesting ideas with your customers and ask for their feedback. Customers love to be included. Get them talking and you'll extend your reach.
  • Include a call to action in your content to encourage people to share it. People love to share content they enjoy. If you're sharing great content with them, encourage them to share it with others.

All said and done, embedding social media feeds on your website broadens your customer base and helps to make your site more attractive. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us today. We will help you to make your website a one-stop social shop.