How To Use Social Walls For Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events aren't well-known for being fun or engaging...

Turn bored attendees into engaged participants by using social walls for corporate events. It's simple to implement and your attendees will be glad you did.

How Social Walls For Corporate Events Work

Not sure how social walls help? Rarely is there any way for attendees to really participate at corporate events. As the name implies, these walls add a more social element during long talks, speeches and presentations.

Create Event Hashtags

To use social walls for corporate events, you need to create an event hashtag. Not only should you ensure everyone at the event knows the hashtag, but also tell other people in the company who can't attend about it. They can then post questions or comments using the hashtag, giving speakers even more to talk about later.

Interacting With Attendees

Social walls truly show their value when you see attendees not only paying attention, but interacting with you in real-time. Not sure if anyone heard that one statistic you spent three hours trying to find? When someone tweets that stat out or posts a picture of their shocked face on Instagram with the stat, you'll know all the hard work was worth it.

Hate waiting until the Q&A part to get feedback and answer questions? Sadly, many of your attendees may not even remember what they wanted to ask.

A social wall for your corporate event allows attendees to use your corporate event hashtag to send in questions in real-time. Watch the wall as they pop-up and respond as they come in.

Encourage Teamwork And Discussions

Everyone loves seeing their name and post on a social wall. Engage your attendees even more by using social walls for corporate events to inspire teamwork.

Ask a question and let attendees brainstorm based on what pops up on the social wall. You'll be amazed at how interactive your event becomes and how much people remember.

Don't let your next event be a bore. Instead, use social walls for corporate events by partnering with today.

Image: Headway