Improving Your Embedded Instagram Feeds By Changing The Layout

Improving your embedded Instagram feeds doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, simply changing the layout could be all you need to increase engagement.

Since people react well to visuals, it serves to reason that they may also have preferences in how those visuals are displayed. Luckily, you have quite a few layout options to showcase your Instagram feeds in their best light.

Why Layout Matters

As long as the Instagram feed displays, that should be enough, right? Wrong! User experience is a crucial element when it comes to engagement. This applies to everything from a brand's product to a brand's online presence.

Crafting a better user experience is an important step to improving customer satisfaction. In fact, some experts say that branding is essentially creating a memorable experience in every possible way.

If your brand's Instagram feed layout isn't what your audience expects or doesn't fit with the rest of your site's layout, the overall experience will be poor. Adjusting the layout to provide a better experience is one of the easiest methods of improving your embedded Instagram feeds.

Adjust Height & Width

The fastest way of adjusting your embedded Instagram feed layout is adjusting the height and width to show more or fewer posts at a time. Providing too much content at once could be overwhelming, but if you don't showcase enough, your feed might seem too boring to consider.

Just remember that embedded posts are responsive, meaning they change size to fit the screen. So, on smaller screens, visitors may see fewer posts anyway.

Different Instagram Feed Layouts

Outside of the size itself, improving your embedded Instagram feeds is by choosing a different overall layout. For example, you could choose to show just one post at a time via a slider layout.

A few other layouts to consider include:

  • Grid-based layout with a load more option
  • Carousel to constantly rotate posts
  • Slideshow for visitors to click through
  • Thumbnails to hover over for more details
  • Collage of related posts

You can also adjust how the feed background looks to better match your brand and site.

Changing the layout even a little drastically changes your users' experience. Curator helps make this easy by giving you full control over the look and feel of your embedded Instagram feeds.

Image: Sandrachile