Non-Profit's Guide To Using Embedded Instagram Feeds

It shouldn't be a surprise that over 500 million people use Instagram on a daily basis. With embedded Instagram feeds, your non-profit's audience can interact with your posts outside of Instagram too.

Instagram helps make your website more engaging and encourages even more interactions on your website, which helps with your organic reach. The great news is it's cheap and easy to do this, so why not try it?

Provides Social Proof

Your audience craves social proof. After all, who would you believe more - your best friend or a non-profit's website that claims to be legitimate? With so many scams out there, knowing that people you already know and trust support a cause makes it much easier to trust it yourself.

Showcase your cause's support by using embedded Instagram feeds on your site. Show what others are saying. Show what you're involved in. Prove that you're a non-profit people can trust.

Helps You Connect More

While there are numerous tips on how to master Instagram as a non-profit, one major takeaway is you need to be able to connect with your audience. Placing embedded Instagram feeds on your site allows your visitors to have a seamless experience on just on your site.

They can check out your social proof, interact with Instagram posts directly and explore more about what your non-profit is all about all in one place. You're able to connect with them more directly and make your site a one-stop-shop for social media and ways to support the cause.

Improve Your Search Rank

Did you know the longer visitors stay on your site during a visit, the better your search rank is? Google looks at your site's bounce rate as part of the ever-changing search algorithm. For non-profits, it's often difficult to boost your rank fast as you may not have the budget for marketing like major for-profit brands have.

By adding embedded Instagram feeds on your site, you give visitors a reason to stick around. Posting engaging content and bringing in content from influencers and your followers gives visitors a reason to continue browsing your site.

Of course, the more engaged your visitors are, the more likely they are to get involved in your cause. This includes adding to your Instagram feed and sharing your non-profit on all their favorite social media channels.

Embedding Instagram Feeds

If you're afraid it'll be too hard, don't worry. We've already created a guide on how to embed Instagram feeds on your site using multiple methods. While we love Curator personally, it's just one option, but it's a highly effective and easy to use method.