Surprising Benefits of Using a Social Media Aggregator Tool

Social media aggregation tools; social media is an excellent platform for interactions and networking. As a social media enthusiast, chances are you don’t just use one platform. Maybe you have Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and many other social apps on your mobile device.  It’s no secret that it can be challenging and time-consuming trying to keep up with the whole lot of things going on these platforms.

Social media aggregators, such as, are fantastic tools that enable you to collect updates as well as posts from various platforms and curate them at one point. In other words, aggregators create an organized view on a particular subject therefore simplifying the entire social media process.

Let’s delve in and explore four surprising benefits of using a social media aggregator.

Saves both time and money

Marketing is a crucial component in every business investment budget.  Unfortunately, the return on investment in most cases is meagre and cannot justify this budget. Consider how much resources are spent on searching for quality content, analyzing data and breaking it down to create engaging ways to use or showcase such information.

The good news is that all this labour-intensive work can be accomplished within a short time through the use of social media aggregation tools, consequently freeing up your time and money, and you can invest these resources in other areas of your business.

Audience engagement

Regardless of your industry, social media aggregation tools cannot be undermined when it comes to interacting with your audience.  For instance, tools such as Twitter wall and Instagram wall come in handy in regulating on-site engagement in exhibitions or events.  Such walls make it possible for your audience to share live updates about the event on their social media timelines (using dedicated hashtags). Such posts can then be displayed on the live screens that aggregate content at the event or featured in the gallery of your website.

Quality content curation

Besides collecting all social media on a single platform, a great social media aggregator should also curate quality content.  And using appropriate hashtags can be very important in enabling you to gather content relevant to specific topics or area of interest.

For example, the creation of interactive campaigns and use of the suitable hashtags will encourage your followers participate therefore creating content for your brand. And you can display the aggregated user-generated content through any of your social media channels.

Stay ahead of the competition

A social media aggregator also helps you monitor your competitor operations so that you can learn what works and does not work for them and use it to your benefit.

For example, your business can adopt from your competitor's services what their audiences seem to agree upon as great. And avoid what is not resonating with their customers. After all, the business world is all about competition and the one with the best services tend to survive and even grow.

Final word

So, now that you know the benefits of using a social media aggregator what next? Well, it's time to do some research and find a social media aggregator that is easy-to-use, cost-effective and offers you benefits that are best suited for your needs. This way your business marketing sector might receive the boosting it needs to elevate your business.