7 Reasons a Social Media Aggregator is the ultimate engagement tool

When it comes to building and boosting a brand, few resources can compete with the power of social media. And few tools are better than a Social Media Aggregator for helping with engagement. Both personal and professional brands alike recognize their social media pages as an optimal medium for engaging their fans, making it a must-have in any successful marketing mix. Networking, consumer interaction, reputation building, and gauging current industry temperature (aka sizing up the competition) mark just a few of the ways brands can use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like to first develop a positive digital footprint and subsequently launch proactive engagement with online followers. All great stuff, right? Yes, but… While there's no denying the prominent foothold of social media in any brand's engagement efforts, keeping up with all relevant published content to optimize results can be challenging. How challenging? A recent Mashable Infographic breaks it all down for us…and the results are fairly overwhelming. According to the data, in just a single minute YouTube users upload 48 hours (2 full days worth) of videos, Twitter users send over 100,000 tweets, and…(wait for it)…Facebook users post 684,478 pieces of content. Further, in that same 60-second span, online consumers spend over $272,000 on Internet purchases. Here are 7 reasons a social media aggregator can help you capture and use that content effectively.

1. Social Media Aggregators Optimize External And Internal Engagement

What does this mean for your brand? If you're not effectively digesting and managing critical social media content, you may be missing out on vital engagement opportunities within your online community. The best way to effectively sift through all relevant published content on a global scale? Integrate a social media aggregator into your existing strategy. A social media aggregator pulls content from all of your online platforms and consolidates them into one place, ensuring you and your followers have access to all published posts pertaining to your brand. Using a social media aggregator to curate your content not only organizes the updates you want to see, it also delivers an extensive range of invaluable engagement benefits including:

2. Increased Demographic Knowledge

Resonating with your targeted market means truly understanding your audience. Who are they? What motivates them? What do they like (or don't like) about your brand? A social media aggregator eliminates having to sift through throngs of posts to find answers. Instead, you get a real-time snapshot of what's going on with your followers and how to best connect with them.

3. Faster Response Time

Response time can make or break your brand in the eyes of the online masses. Recent statistics show that 85% of consumers using Facebook expect an answer within 6 hours of posting. Likewise, a whopping 64% of shoppers using Twitter anticipate a response within one hour. Missing posts that require a response can cost you dearly in both reputation and revenue. Your aggregator platform mitigates that risk. Additionally, a prompt response humanizes your brand with readers as being caring, connected, and on top of its operations.

4. Content Moderation

Perception of your brand quickly becomes your reputation reality. It's not enough to connect all of your social media streams; you must also have the ability to moderate the content posted to ensure inappropriate (or untrue) posts are managed as quickly as possible. Having the ability to monitor your content helps keep your most positive comments and posts at the top of your followers' online radars.

5. Enhanced Internal Connection

The success of your organization depends on your staff. Staying on top of a company's online buzz can help employees feel valued for a job well done and may even inspire new ideas, services, and products. Unfortunately, many executives simply don't have the time to communicate to their teams. Social media aggregation effectively bridges that communication gap. Setting up stations throughout your office that scroll live posts and comments instantly strengthens employees' connection to your brand. Over time, this form of public transparency can even influence your internal corporate culture.

6. Boost Sales

Converting online surfers into customers is the ultimate online engagement goal for most business owners. Consolidating your feeds using designated hashtags can encourage users to share content quickly, elevating your brand's status and increasing the possibility of closing a deal in the process.

7. Eyeballing The Competition

Yes, aggregating your own corporate content yields an extensive range of benefits; however, savvy entrepreneurs recognize it's also important to use this powerful resource to manage what's going on with their biggest competitions. Consistently reviewing other industry leaders' social media feeds grants you invaluable insight on what's working and what isn't – it's an easy and effective way to determine where you need to up your game…and which marketing landmines to avoid to edge out the comp within your shared consumer pool.

8. Maintain Your Trailblazer Status

Relevance plays a vital role in brand preservation, making it critical for you to stay ahead of the trends (or better yet, be the trendsetter yourself) at all times. Social media aggregators provide an excellent way for you to keep your finger firmly on the pulse of whatever is going on within your niche to ensure you maintain your status as an established industry innovator. Social Media Aggregator Feed Example
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