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Benefits Of Staying On Top Of Trends With A Hashtag Aggregator

Today’s digital media landscape is ever changing. With new technologies innovating ways to connect and communicate, social media is everywhere. You need an impactful social media feed to establish a strong online presence. With a hashtag aggregator, you can leverage your brand's social media to its full potential.

Staying on top of trends is time-consuming, yet it remains vital for businesses to stay relevant in a competitive market. Remaining relevant is key to a successful social media strategy. Showing an interest in current conversations cultivates a more human face to your brand. Plus, the efficiency of a hashtag aggregator helps you keep up with the fast pace at which trends change.

What is a hashtag aggregator and how does it work?

As a hashtag aggregator is configured to link with various social networks, you can create your own single, central feed. For instance, Curator can link to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. It works by scanning social media sites for content with certain hashtags. The tool picks up on specific keywords. You cut out the middle man by automatically pulling relevant content into one central feed. As a result, you have more freedom to discover content that matters to your customers.

Whilst scanning for keywords helps you find relevant content, following trending hashtags tells you what's popular and current. So to truly understand what the current conversations are in your given area, you need a tool that picks up on hashtags.

Hashtags essentially aggregate content to reach audiences from all over the world, in real time. With a hashtag aggregator, you can display fresh content in front of the right people, at the right time. Therefore, to obtain optimum engagement rates you need to tap into the power of hashtags. Here a few benefits of staying on top of trends with a hashtag aggregator:

Generate interest

Capturing interest is key. To succeed in engaging audiences, you need to offer them content that they'll be interested in. This means displaying content that resonates with topical news and trends. A hashtag aggregator helps situate your feed as a site of interest by diversifying your content to include such content.

By aggregating content, hashtags help audiences discover your feed. As a result, users are provided with a quick and easy way of finding content that’s relevant to them. This not only empowers your audience, but it also empowers your brand. With a hashtag aggregator, you can source relevant content in real time.

Say you’re a vegan skincare brand, and you want a stronger online presence. By setting automated hashtag searches for #plantbased or #crueltyfree, you can find out what the current conversations are. Discovering popular opinion and trending topics is important. By reposting content that's current, you're demonstrating your awareness of current conversations. Pulling in news and content around climate change as a vegan skincare brand, demonstrates your values as a company.

As the above demonstrates, touching upon recent news, topics and conversations positions your brand as a site of interest. Therefore, a hashtag aggregator can help forge your brand's online identity. It can also strengthen your hold in a certain area, community or niche. Offering your audience this level of interest helps build a stronger following.

This showcases your brand as more than a market place. It also shows a willingness to embed your brand within wider themes. As a result, you can position your brand as switched on and as a source of information.

Discover user-generated content

Staying on top of trends with a hashtag aggregator also helps you find user-generated content. According to AdWeek, user-generated content is 50 % more trusted, and 35% more memorable, than any other form of media. 

Firstly, a hashtag generator helps you discover user-generated content. It's important to diversify your content and show that you're invested in what your followers have to say. Any successful marketing strategy probes into what the audience wants. It can be said, therefore, that discovering user-generated content helps bridge that gap between brand and audience.

Capitalise on user-generated content (UGC)

Pulling content from established news outlets and businesses positions your brand as on the pulse, and industry aware. However pulling in content from followers and your average user adds a personal touch to your feed. It communicates the message to your followers that you care about what they have to say.

Reposting your followers content invites a more interactive relationship with your audience. For instance, clothing brands do this well. You see more and more brands encouraging their customers to upload pictures of themselves wearing their products with a hashtag. This is free advertising, which also adds social proof to your feed. As social proof helps build trust, using a hashtag aggregator to find UGC is worthwhile.

Save time & make informed, data driven decisions

Manually checking hashtags isn’t easy for a platform that never sleeps. Luckily for you, trending hashtags are calculated in real time. Awareness of current news is an attractive feature. It will draw in audiences looking for a brand they can trust. A hashtag aggregator streamlines the process of researching hashtags. By automatically searching for specific terms, it's easier to fine tune your content.

Automated hashtag searches are a reliable way of keeping on top of trends. Plus, the real-time aspect leaves you more time to dedicate to other areas. Furthermore, a hashtag aggregator also helps you make informed, data-driven decisions.

With hashtags, you know from the offset how many people are using them. This is really useful when it comes to knowing which hashtags to use. Small differences in wording can make a big difference. This helps you make informed decisions with confidence. You can also tailor your hashtag searches to specific geographic locales. Therefore, you have more control over what your audience sees, and when.

Final thoughts

Staying ahead of the curve means staying on top of trends. Touching on current trends and topics casts your brand as on point. It also helps you establish yourself in a certain area or niche. A hashtag aggregator can help you achieve this. Interested in capturing content that matters to your audience? Take a look at our features and pricing here.