5 Benefits Of Using A Social Media Aggregator

It’s no secret that social media is a priceless platform for interactions and networking. In every sixty seconds; Facebook users share over 684,000 pieces of content,Twitters users send about 100,000 tweets, and Instagram users post over 3, 600 photos.

 And that’s not enough. It’s estimated that by 2020, there will be approximately 2.95 billion people on social media. This is about one-third of the global population.

Numbers never lie. Insights like these are a clear indication that your business operates in a world on big data, and conventional approaches to social media campaigns may not suffice.

As an innovative brand, you will need to use a social media aggregator to help you stay ahead of the game as we will see shortly.

But what is a social media aggregator?

An aggregator is a tool such as which enables you to automatically gather relevant posts from various social media platforms, and display them in a single feed.

You can use a social media aggregator for a variety of purposes. For instance, to embed social media networks to your website, and display real-time customer interactions. You can also use it during your events to:

  • Market your content
  • Showcase your brand
  • Increase visibility for your event and to keep your audience engaged.

Let’s now delve deeper and explore the specific benefits an aggregator can bring to your business.

Benefits of using a social media aggregator

1. Saves time and money

Marketing is a crucial component of your business. Think about the huge investment you make in terms of the time and money. Creating original and engaging content can be costly. Unfortunately, in most cases, the return on investments may not as impressive as you would want it to be.
This is where aggregators can come to your rescue. 

Aggregators enable you to cut down on the time and money you invest in content creation. They help you accomplish the otherwise labor-intensive work within short periods. This frees up your time and you can spend the freed up resources in other areas of your business.

2. Community and audience engagement

It doesn’t matter if you are in the food, hospitality, fashion or travel industry. Having a social wall will create a buzz, attract more traffic and increase your brand affinity. 

That said, using a social media aggregator is simply the most effective way of engaging with your audience because of the following:

  • It optimizes both internal and external engagement

 A social media aggregator collects content from your various online networks and consolidates them into one place so that you and your followers can access all your published posts in one place. 

  • Increased demographic knowledge

With a social media aggregator, you don’t have to sift through throngs of posts to find out who your audience is and what motivates them. It gives you a real-time snapshot of what your audience is doing and how you can connect with them.

  • Faster response times

Statistics show that 85% of customers on Facebook expect your brand to respond to them in six hours. 64% of those on Twitter expect a response within an hour. With an aggregator like, you mitigate the risk of missing posts that require your response hence helping you save your reputation as well as revenue.

3.       Stay ahead of the competition

Another benefit of using an aggregator is that it is an awesome tool that can help you create an influential presence across various social media networks.

In addition, social media aggregators can help you monitor the marketing and networking strategy of your competitors so you can learn from their efforts and their mistakes.

4.       Curate creative content

Using social media aggregators correctly can help you curate content that can have a massive positive impact on your business.

Using an opportune hashtag in an interactive campaign goes a long way in enticing your followers to participate and create content for your brand.

You can then showcase these aggregated user-generated content via your social media platforms,your website and even as live updates.

User-generated content can be a great differentiator for your brand. Here are five benefits that accrue from user-generated content:

  • Its boosts your social media reach and growth

Combining the strengths of user-generated content and social media platforms can create something magical.

  • Get SEO perks

Positive customer reviews can increase your SEO ranking. When users publish content on their own blogs, the backlinks to your website can improve its SEO ranking. You can also analyze the words and phrases that your users frequently use to improve your keyword optimization research.

  • Find unique content

Your audience produces content that is different from that created by your marketing team. Their blog posts, videos, photos, and reviews have a fresh perspective and a varying point of view that keeps content interesting. User-generated content also encourages new audiences to join your loyal users to stay engaged.

  • Increased personalization

Personalized ads are more appealing to consumers. User-generated content can help you discover what makes your audience eager to generate content and engage with your company. You can then make use of this information to incorporate personalization into your marketing strategies.

5.      Discover and create social media trends

With the stiff competition prevailing in the market, your business needs to be aware of the emerging trends in your surroundings.  A social media aggregator can be beneficial in this context too. You can use the tools to keep tabs of the trending brands and campaigns. You can then analyze these trends carefully to identify different success factors for a social media campaign and implement them.


You now understand the various benefits that come with using a social media aggregator. So what next? Well, it’s time to find the best social media aggregator for your content curation needs. A great aggregator should not only be cost-effective, but also to easy to use, and offer you benefits that suit your needs.

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