Building Dynamic User-Generated Content For Your Brand

If your brand has ever used or considered using user-generated content to increase your brand's reach and reputation, it's time to try a more dynamic approach.

Instead of just posting user-generated blog posts or re-tweeting a few tweets, aggregate content on your brand's website. It's a great way to build relationships and let your loyal fans and customers do the marketing for you.

People Trust User-Generated Content

Do you trust what a company says or what your best friend recommends? For most people, they're going to trust their friend first. This is why dynamic user-generated content works so well in your favor. It's coming from actual users and fans, not your brand.

In fact, one study found that this type of content influences 90% of shoppers. Now, imagine if you're consistently bringing in more content from those who already love and trust you.

That's the dynamic aspect. Instead of the occasional post, you're aggregating content regularly, showing people they can and should trust you.

Search Engines Love It

Want your brand's website to rank higher? Start aggregating user-generated content onto your site. This can come from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

Search engines love it when others are talking about your brand instead of you just bragging about it yourself. This proves to search engines your site is worth showing to searchers. You get more organic traffic while building your brand's reputation.

Building User-Generated Content

While there are probably customers and fans already talking about your brand online, it may not be enough at the moment. Or, it's just the occasional hashtag saying they liked their experience.

For regular dynamic user-generated content, you have to put in a little more effort. Start a trending hashtag campaign that asks users to take a certain action, such as taking photos or doing something good in the community. If you're not sure where to start, use these 15 big brands' campaigns as inspiration.

Then, use a social media aggregator to bring all the content together. Curator is easy to implement and helps brands bring together user-generated content to get the most benefits possible.

Image: Nicholas Green