10 Free Twitter Aggregators to Increase Social Media Engagement

You’ve done it. You have finally gotten a Twitter account set up for your business and are posting killer tweets daily. If you’re looking to bring more eyes to your Twitter account and increase the credibility of your business, look into a Twitter aggregator.

What’s an aggregator? We’re glad you asked!

An aggregator is a tool that embeds your Twitter feed directly into your website. Visitors will not only be able to see the services you have to offer while on your site, but they can see your social media presence as well. Customers will be able to see your tweets and other user-generated content all in one place.

If you’re interested in learning more about Twitter aggregators but not ready to make a financial commitment, that’s okay! Many social media aggregator programs offer free tiers for those looking for minimal support or when you are just getting started.

We’ve gathered the top 10 free Twitter aggregators, so read on for more information.

Curator is a free forever Twitter aggregator with very minimal company branding and no ads, so your tweets take center stage. is an easy-to-customize aggregator that lets you pull from over a dozen sources. If you'd like to give's free forever plan a spin sign up today.

The Top 10 Free Twitter Aggregators

There are certain things you should look for when selecting a free plan. Many of the zero-cost Twitter aggregators available will slap their branding all over the feed, resulting in customers visiting your site being confused by seeing another company’s logo.

You should also look out for customization options and how often the feed is updated. Since you’re looking to only link your Twitter account and appropriate hashtags, you will only need the aggregator to access one social media platform.

Pay attention to if it will let you add in custom posts when you’re on a free plan. You can use those posts to make special announcements or promotions that aren’t on your Twitter feed.

1. Curator

free twitter aggregator curator

Curator is one of the top free Twitter aggregators available to users online. The features of the free tier are robust and include many tools that will help get you started in no time. Curator will easily grab the content from your Twitter feed into a stream that you can embed on your website as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Unlike other free Twitter aggregators, Curator has very limited branding for users of their free plan. You won’t have their logo splashed all over your feed – just a seamless experience for visitors to your site to scroll through. Your company’s branding will be featured, not someone else’s. Curator also offers three more tiers that are paid plans, but their free tier is a great starting point for those looking to implement a Twitter aggregator on their site. The features offered are plentiful for no cost. 


  • Embedded feed
  • Feed updates daily
  • Barely noticeable branding on the free tier
  • Reporting
  • Notifications
  • Three source accounts

Price: Free is an easy-to-customize aggregator that lets you pull from over a dozen sources. If you'd like to give's free forever plan a spin sign up today.

Here's an example of the "Powered by" text that will show at the very bottom of your embedded Twitter feed. Most free social media aggregators don't have small text like this, but rather a large advertisement for their app.

You can also use embed code from Twitter.

2. Twitter Widget

Twitter embed capabilities

Twitter Widget is Twitter’s own aggregator that you can embed into your site. You can directly embed a specific tweet, entire timeline, or Twitter button. You can also use their TweetDeck tool, which allows you to manage multiple accounts, schedule posts, and completely curate your feed. While utilizing Twitter’s very own aggregator can be handy, not having a widget for you to embed into your site doesn’t allow for a lot of customization as far as layout and theme go.


  • Minimal customization
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Schedule posts
  • Updates daily

Price: Free

3. Juicer

Twitter aggregator Juicer

Juicer's features are more limited in comparison to Curator, with users only able to link two source accounts instead of three. You can easily add hashtags to the Juicer aggregator, which is a great feature if you’re having an event. The free plan will update once a day and pull any tweets that use your specific hashtag right into the Twitter feed aggregator on your website.


  • Two source accounts
  • One feed
  • Juicer branding
  • Updates daily

Price: Free

4. aggregator can also be easily embedded into your website. Customize your wall with keywords, specific hashtags, or profiles, selecting which posts you want to appear on your site. updates more often than some of the other free options, but it has limited customization. On top of not being able to add in your own logo, your customers will encounter ads with this Twitter aggregator.


  • Updated hourly
  • Only one source per platform
  • Ads
  • No customization
  • branding

Price: Free

5. Onstipe

Onstipe Twitter aggregation

Onstipe's Twitter aggregator is another tool for you to integrate your personalized Twitter feed into your website. Unfortunately, Onstipe doesn’t provide any analytics or reports to show you how your feed is performing. Visitors to your site will also have to deal with pesky ads and Onstipe branding as well.


  • Create up to two walls
  • Feed updates every six hours
  • No analytics
  • Ads
  • Onstipe branding

Price: Free is an easy-to-customize aggregator that lets you pull from over a dozen sources. If you'd like to give's free forever plan a spin sign up today.

6. Taggbox

Taggbox Twitter aggregator

Taggbox has a free customizable Twitter aggregator that you can add to your site without any extra coding. You can integrate it with many different website building platforms, such as WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. The customer support at the free level is minimal, with email access only available.


  • Include up to two feeds
  • Feed updates every six hours
  • Only email support available at free level
  • No customization 
  • Taggbox branding

Price: Free

7. Tagembed

Tagembed social media aggregator for Twitter

The Twitter aggregator of Tagembed is one of their most popular products. The widget perfectly adapts for easy use on mobile devices or a desktop. The Tagembed widget is easy for you to embed on your site to integrate your Twitter feed and other user-generated content. It is compatible with many website building platforms, such as WordPress, Wix, HTML, and Squarespace.


  • Allows only one feed
  • Updates once a day
  • Themes available
  • Tagembed branding
  • No analytics 

Price: Free

8. EmbedSocial

Embed social Twitter aggregator

Easily set up EmbedSocial on your website within minutes. Their Twitter aggregator doesn’t require any coding skills, so don’t worry if you’re not a tech wizard. Just input your Twitter account and their system will create the feed with all the Twitter posts.  


  • Feed updates once a day
  • No customization
  • Up to three feeds

Price: Free

9. Social Streams

Social Streams aggregator for Twitter posts

The Flow-Flow branch of Social Streams Senables you to have your Twitter feed directly on your website, as well as publish directly from there. The simple-to-use plugin works with a WordPress, Shopify, or standalone-built website. With their plugin, you’re able to have an unlimited number of streams or social feeds on your webpage.  


  • Up to four social media platform sources
  • Limited customization
  • No analytics 

Price: Free

10. Flockler

Flockler Twitter aggregator

Flockler can be up and running on your site in a matter of minutes and works with any digital service. All you need to get started are the hashtags you want to connect with and your Twitter accounts. Flockler doesn’t have a “free for life” tier like the other Twitter aggregators, but they do offer a free 30-day trial of their basic plan. You won’t need a credit card to sign up.


  • Up to two social feeds
  • Unlimited number of walls and carousels
  • Automatically updates feed with any public mentions or tweets

Price: Free for 30 days – packages start at $55/month

Select the Best Twitter Aggregator for Your Business

The amount of free Twitter aggregators available to you are endless. Choosing the best one can be difficult but prioritizing what is important to you and your business is essential. Customers come to your site to see your content, not another company’s branding across the site.

Having your Twitter feed embedded on your website will allow your site visitors to see that you have an active community on social media. Using one of these easy tools can turn your visitors into customers and followers on your Twitter account.

Don't choose a Twitter aggregator that places ads for itself on your website. Instead, use an app that lets you tweets stand out. There should be no ads included in the embedded social media feed.

Curator is a Twitter aggregator with very minimal company branding, so your tweets take center stage. It's free forever and easy to setup. is an easy-to-customize aggregator that lets you pull from over a dozen sources. If you'd like to give's free forever plan a spin sign up today.