Top 5 TikTok Marketing Courses to Help You Grow Your Business

Among the leading social media platforms, TikTok is among the newest and more exciting platforms for users and businesses. TikTok is booming and has a high volume of users that make up key customer demographics, such as millennials and Gen Z. 

This use-case means that TikTok can be a highly lucrative space for your business to market in, as you have the potential to connect, with traditional TikTok videos or via live streaming, with a super-engaged and high-potential audience base. To get things right on TikTok, you must first learn the best methods, techniques, and processes to follow. 

Loads of businesses like yours are trying to harness the power of TikTok, meaning that it's a crowded market. However, you can be better equipped for success by developing your skills first. One of the best ways to get these skills is through TikTok online courses. These guides, often hosted by experts who have already tasted success on the platform, can help you improve your performance. 

Michael Maximoff,  Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Belkins, says, "Education is one of the best ways to better your staff and overall business. Use the opportunities available to you to ensure you keep growing." 

Before starting a course, you must make sure that TikTok is the right platform for you by comparing TikTok Vs Instagram. If so, here are the best TikTok Marketing courses to help you excel. 

1. TikTok Academy 

One of the best ways to learn anything is directly from the horse's mouth. In this online course, you'll get a detailed run through all the various aspects of TikTok marketing. Developed by TikTok themselves, this is one of the most official and comprehensive courses that will help you gain more experience and insight into all the different ways you can utilize TikTok. 

This is one of the longest online courses for TikTok available online, so it's a big commitment to get through, so be sure to set up some time. It is broken down into 21 separate modules, so you can break it down and only focus on the classes that you feel are most relevant to you. 

There are sections dedicated to developing a TikTok strategy, video editing guides, and much more. One of the best features is getting feedback from actual TikTok workers as you progress through the course. 

Jack Underwood, CEO & Co-Founder at Circuit, says, "TikTok is a simple platform for users, but it can be complicated for businesses marketing on it for the first time. A comprehensive course like this is a great way to develop good foundations." 

2. TikTok for Creatives by Domestika 

This online TikTok marketing course is an excellent option for small businesses or sole traders looking to grow on the platform, as it has a more individualistic approach. In this course, you'll be taught by an individual who has already amassed a massive following on the platform and has used it to help promote their products and services. 

With tutelage from That Iceland Guy, who boasts over 800K followers, you'll learn more about the creative side of TikTok, be that content creation, filming, editing, and brand building through your content. By the end of the course, you will have put together a final project that can help you kickstart your account, and you will also receive feedback from other course users are you collaborate to improve your skills and grow. 

Jesse Hanson, Content Manager at Online Solitaire & World of Card Games, says, "Having good knowledge of TikTok marketing strategies is pointless if your content is subpar. This course will allow you to create great content your target audience would enjoy." 

3. TikTok Video Creation Course by SkillShare 

Skillshare is a fantastic place to find unique TikTok marketing courses, including this one that focuses on creating amazing content directly from your mobile. This course is excellent for businesses that don't want to break the budget by overspending on equipment, as this course gives you the skills needed to generate stunning content from just your phone. 

This course is hosted by the duo Max and Lena, who are known for producing TikTok content that looks better than most, helping them to build a bigger audience. In this course, you'll learn all the basics and some intermediate topics too that can help you create high-quality content that can improve your brand authority and perception. 

You can follow along with the course with exercises to help you consolidate the information you've learned, and you can expect feedback directly from the instructors and other students too. 

Tom Golubovich, Head of Marketing & Media Relations at Ninja Transfers, says, "Getting the most out of the equipment you already have is a great way to be efficient with your resources. Courses like this are great, as they can help elevate the look of your marketing content." 

4. TikTok Masterclass by Influencer Marketing Hub 

If you're looking to build an income as an influencer, this comprehensive course is perfect, as it comes with everything you need to know to succeed with this ambition. The course focuses on breaking misconceptions about influencer marketing and gives you strategies and advice on succeeding. 

It's taught by social media experts who have amassed their own following, and the course comes with numerous tools, templates to follow for you to implement what you learnt, and worksheets too. 

Alex Milligan, Co-founder & CMO of NuggMD, says, "Influencer marketing is very popular on TikTok. It's tough to break into, but courses like this can help you elevate your approach and increase your chances of success." 

5. TikTok for Business on Skillshare

This is another great course from Skillshare, but it drastically differs from the previously mentioned. This course is designed for business owners and marketing teams, providing lessons on better marketing products, brands, and events. 

Best suited for small businesses, it emphasizes tactics you can use to make a big impression on the platform without needing a massive marketing budget. It teaches you all methods you can follow to get more traffic to your website and products and can also help you improve your influencer marketing approach too. 

Being part of Skillshare, this course gives users the functionality to get feedback from other users, and you can also directly ask the host specific questions to further your understanding. 

Priyam Chawla, Marketing Manager at Jolly SEO, says, "TikTok marketing can be intimidating for small businesses. This course gives them the confidence to take on the platform and succeed without spending too much budget." 

Key takeaways

TikTok can help businesses and sole traders find an audience and market their products effectively, but if you don't do it properly, you can easily feel like you're shouting into the void. 

Jesse Galanis, Content Manager at Tech Lockdown, says, "You need the right content to do well in TikTok; so many businesses have yet to master this platform. Learning to succeed now can help you get a leg up over the competition."

With your choice of these courses, you can get the skills and insight that can help you become better at the platform, increasing your potential to grow your business and product reach. 

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