15 Social Media Content Ideas For Businesses

It can be challenging for a marketer to manage multiple social media profiles and ensure they're constantly updated with new posts. It's important to keep your followers happy by providing them with fresh content, but when you're tasked with constantly delivering new content, there are more than a few problems. How do you come up with exciting and engaging new ideas that will keep your followers coming back for more?

Brands need to come up with social media content ideas more often today than ever before, and luckily, we can help you do just that. We're introducing you to 15 of the best ideas for brands of all sizes to keep your social feed from becoming monotonous. So read on and discover our suggestions. is an easy-to-customize aggregator that lets you pull from over a dozen sources. If you'd like to give's free forever plan a spin sign up today.

What should I post on Social Media?

Coming up with great eCommerce business ideas is only the first step to coming up with great eCommerce business ideas is only the first step to starting your own business. You also need to know how to market it. You probably already know that a social media marketing strategy is essential for any successful online and offline business.

You know that you SHOULD post regularly on your brand’s social media, but do you know WHAT you should post? This is where things can start to get complicated. To maximize the impact of your content and elevate your social media strategy, you should follow these tips:

  • Make sure your content is relevant to your target audience
  • Make sure you’re talking to the audience and not at them. People want to connect with your posts and stories, so make sure you word your posts socially to open the door for social media engagement
  • Only post content that supports your annual, monthly, and weekly business and marketing goals. Never post anything without a purpose
  • Create content that’s entertaining, informative, and interesting so that your audience is excited to consume it
  • Remember that variety is the spice of life, so mix things up every now and then to keep your audience engaged

Let’s take a look at how putting these tips into practice looks like.

1. Ask questions to your audience

Asking your target audience a question is a great way of boosting engagement. Questions can be asked in captions, on Instagram stories, Twitter or simply as a general Facebook post. 

Your audience most likely loves to interact with you and each other, and there's no better way to encourage that interaction than to ask them for their suggestions, opinions, and ideas. 

You can ask them for their opinions on your most recent post, ask what they think of a current hot topic, or ask them what kind of content you should post next. Your audience loves to have some control over what you produce and share with them, and asking questions is a powerful way to achieve this goal. Consider having an SOP template in place to serve as a guide for your team on how to communicate with your audience. That way you can ensure that all communication is in line with your brand messaging.


2. Hold a contest or giveaway

Running contests or giveaways is an incredibly effective way to boost audience participation and interaction.

By encouraging them to participate in social media contests related to your brand, you can not only engage with those who already follow you, but also increase your subscriber numbers by asking non-followers to like or follow your page in order to join in the fun.

An excellent piece of content that always yields impressive results is a hashtag contest. This is a wonderful way to create user-generated content while also increasing awareness of your brand.

3. Share Your Company's Blog Posts

If your business has a blog, a great way to make sure that it’s seen by as many people as possible is by sharing it across all of your brand’s social media sites. 

As long as the content you create for the blog is engaging and valuable, it'll resonate well with your target audience, no matter what channel you share it on.

Social media platforms make it easy for users to share content that they find interesting, so your blog posts can be shared far far beyond your existing blog readership.

These recipients are then likely to become subscribers to your blog themselves, effectively increasing your reach. 

4. Share influencer content

One of the top social media trends is to work with influencers to create collaborative or sponsored content.

It's important to find the best influencers who fit your brand's profile and values, so do your research and focus on influencers with a similar audience as your brand.

Asking permission to share influencer-created content that mentions your brand is a quick and easy way to show your audience how popular your brand is.

5. Share Industry News

If there’s been an exciting development in your brand’s industry lately, it’s definitely something that you can share on your social media profiles.

Compile a comprehensive list of trusted news sources in your industry, including websites and trade publications, and follow their social media pages.

Whenever they have some interesting news or posts, make sure to share them with your own followers across your social networks. 

6. Share Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Even though some people are afraid of bragging, there's nothing wrong with sharing your customers' positive reviews and testimonials about your products and services.

Nowadays, consumers are much more likely to make a purchase if they can find good user reviews about the brand. So tap into that power and showcase your genuine clients' testimonials in an enticing and beautiful way to attract attention for the right reasons.

You can share these videos to grab customers’ attention offline as well. You can place a QR Code near your product’s shelf. By generating it with the best QR Code generator, you can create QR Codes that can help you retarget your audience on platforms like Google and Facebook.

7. Host an AMA

A great way to connect with your audience and educate them at the same time is to host an AMA series. AMA stands for "ask me anything" and is essentially a question-and-answer session where you can share your own industry insights, experience, and knowledge.

AMAs are the perfect opportunity to showcase yourself as a leader in your sector and they are very engaging for your followers. Not only can you increase your company's brand awareness without being too "salesy", but you can also show the personal side of your business.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to find out more about the interests and concerns of your target audience. 


8. Share Memes or GIFs

When you post new content, it's a good idea to use GIFs and memes. It's a fun way to draw attention to the post, because your audience won't be able to scroll past it! 

GIFs and memes are also a great way to show your brand's personality while staying on trend and having fun at the same time.

As they enable you to quickly make a statement in a way that’s accessible and popular, GIFs and memes help your audience to feel like they are part of a larger community that shares their values, experiences, and preferences.

9. Share Photos From Company Events

Showcasing your hybrid or remote company culture is essential when portraying your brand’s human side. Even though your team may be geographically dispersed, you can still effectively share your company’s values, traditions, and camaraderie through social media videos and photos from virtual events.

Whenever your remote business is hosting a fundraiser, charity event, or celebrating another occasion online, you can raise awareness about everything that your brand is doing by sharing the content through social media channels. This highlights your company’s positive impact and gives your audience a glimpse into the vibrant and inclusive culture that thrives within your remote team.

10. Answer To Commonly Asked Questions

Most companies find that their customers or clients ask the same questions over and over again when using their WhatsApp chat button, live chat function, or phone helplines. 

Instead of answering these identical questions over and over again, you can easily solve them by sharing posts with the answers on social media.

When you pin these answers at the top of the page, your audience will easily be able to see them.

11. Share Infographics

Infographics are the ideal solution, if you need to convey a lot of information to your target audience but don't want to confuse or bore them with endless boring statistics or complicated concepts.

They have a powerful impact on the audience, as their visual content ensures that even complex ideas can be conveyed easily and quickly.

Also, because infographics are colorful and eye-catching, they stand out on social media.

Even the most boring information becomes much more engaging and exciting when you present it in the form of an infographic. You can elevate your infographics with dynamic data visualizations by using WordPress chart plugins or graph maker tools, adding an extra layer of interactivity to captivate your audience.

12. Celebrate “National” Days

There are countless “national days” scattered throughout the calendar. There’s a theme for every day of the year.

In fact, there are usually several different themes to choose from. Some are serious, like National Adoption Day and World Teen Mental Wellness Day, while others are more lighthearted, like National Pack Your Lunch Day or National Deviled Egg Day.

Pick the days that are relevant to your brand and celebrate them by posting content about your most relevant products and services.

If you’re running a company with a presence in several countries, you’re undoubtedly no doubt already aware of the importance of multilingual social media in business

However, taking advantage of the different National Days for the various countries you operate in is a great way to connect with your overseas audience as well.


13. Go Live

Videos are one of the most engaging types of social media content. Brands of all kinds are now using video-focused channels like YouTube and TikTok to draw attention to their products and services.

"TikTok isn't just teenagers posting silly dance videos. It has become a very popular way for businesses to truly engage their audience and build a meaningful relationship that can result in sales," says Matt Buchanan, Chief Growth Officer at Service Direct. "Of course, TikTok users don't want to be told what to buy, so the key is making sure you engage them without overly pushing your product or services."

Live videos are particularly effective at engaging audiences because most consumers today want less-produced, more authentic experiences with their chosen brands. You can also enhance your engagement strategy by leveraging RTMP technology for seamless streaming and interaction.

Live vlogging and real-time Q&A sessions allow your followers to respond directly, and that builds personal connections that are very valuable.

Remember, though, that not all of your viewers can be there for the live stream. So give them the opportunity to watch the reply at a time that's convenient for them to ensure their engagement as well.

14. Share a milestone

Any brand design agency will tell you that your brand story is a key element of your marketing strategy. 

While it's important to share information about the services and products you offer, it's equally important to showcase your brand's value to consumers. 

And showcasing your accomplishments is one way to solidify your company's positive status in the eyes of your target audience.

Celebrate your brand’s victories and successes with your followers on your social media platforms. 

Perhaps you recently hit a major sales goal, moved into a brand new office, started selling on Amazon, or were featured in a major publication? 

Share any important event for your brand with your audience to show the human side of your business and its successful growth.

15. Go Behind the Scenes

All brands, at their heart, represent people, so never discount the personal elements of your social media feeds. Take a peek behind the scenes of your business and show off your team and what they're up to.

Not only are these posts fun for your viewers because they can feel like insiders to your brand, but they're also easy to create.

Wrap Up

If you've run out of ideas or you are just tired of posting boring old content, take inspiration from these 15 great suggestions and try something new and exciting.

You don't have to limit yourself to one type of content - there are countless options out there today.

Instead of just creating blog posts, it's time to start looking into infographics, videos, memes, and much more. Now you have a wealth of engaging new ideas at your fingertips, and it's time to get started! is an easy-to-customize aggregator that lets you pull from over a dozen sources. If you'd like to give's free forever plan a spin sign up today.