41 Types of Website Plugins for Every Use [+Top Stores]

Looking for the right website plugin for your site? It can be hard to know which one to choose.

Our blog post on website widgets was so well received we thought we'd do another one on website plugins!

To help you figure out what type of extension to add to your site, we've put together an ultimate guide with quick descriptions for 41 different types of website plugins.

For each type, we've got links to companies that sell those plugins.

And keep scrolling to find the top plugin stores, including WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and more.

What's in this guide:

  • What is a website plugin?
  • 41 types of website plugins
  • 3 website plugin examples
  • 5 best places to find website plugins is an easy-to-customize aggregator that lets you pull from over a dozen sources. If you'd like to give's free forever plan a spin sign up today.

What is a website plugin?

A website plugin, also called a website extension or app, is a small piece of software that adds functionality lacking in your main site builder. The most popular types of website plugins include social media feeds, sharing buttons, and payment processing.

The word "plugin" is commonly used for WordPress and Webflow sites. However, Wix and Shopify refer to these add-ons and apps, while Squarespace calls them extensions.

41 types of website plugins

Not sure what type of website plugin you need for your site? Check out our ultimate list and mix and match your favorites.

1. Instagram feed plugin

With an Instagram feed plugin, you can add fresh Instagram content to your website. Pull posts from your own account, branded hashtags, or account mentions. You can set your plugin to automatically allow all new posts to be added to your site, or you can manually approve them.

Where to get this type of plugin: Curator or Pixlee TurnTo

2. Social media icons plugin

With a social media icons plugin, you can add the app logos for all the platforms your business is active on. For example, in the footer of your website, you might add Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube icons. Then, link all of the icons to your social media accounts so website visitors can follow you there.

Where to get this type of plugin: ShareThis or WPZoom

3. Share buttons plugin

Blog post sharing buttons are essential for blog sites, news sites, recipe sites, and other lifestyle content. Add this type of plugin to your website to provide sharing buttons on every post. Readers can share your content on social media, or text or email it to a friend.

Where to get this type of plugin: AddToAny or Divi

4. Google reviews plugin

You can embed your Google reviews in your website to show potential customers positive opinions about your products or services. This is a great type of website plugin for all sorts of local businesses, from restaurants to salons to auto dealers to real estate agents. Embedded Google reviews also help to boost your SEO.

Where to get this type of plugin: Reviews On My Website or JustReview

5. Yelp reviews plugin

Similarly, you can add Yelp reviews to your website. Yelp is a popular platform for vetting restaurants, tattoo parlors, hairdressers, and other local services. Keep in mind that you can embed the reviews from just about any online platform, so check the plugin companies below for more integration options.

Where to get this type of plugin: Reviews On My Website or JustReview

6. Testimonial carousel plugin

Testimonials are another great form of social proof for your website. A beautiful carousel of testimonials with this type of plugin. Set the testimonials to automatically slide, or allow customers to use arrow buttons to view the next ones.

Where to get this type of plugin: CommonNinja or Strong Testimonials

7. Photo gallery plugin

You can also add image galleries to your website with a photo gallery plugin. This is great if you want to add professional images to your site or curate content that isn't from your social media account. Venues, restaurants, salons, artists, and ecommerce companies can all benefit from this type of website plugin.

Where to get this type of plugin: Modula or NextGEN Gallery

8. Portfolio plugin

With a portfolio plugin, you can curate a portfolio using different content formats. Depending on the service you provide, your portfolio might consist of text samples, images, PDF case studies, or videos. With this type of plugin, you can mix and match content types to create a beautiful multimedia portfolio.

Where to get this type of plugin: Modula or WP Portfolio

9. TikTok feed plugin

A TikTok feed plugin offers another way to curate and showcase your best social media content. If TikTok is your brand's best social media account, then you should embed your TikTok feed in your site to give your content more visibility and encourage website visitors to follow you. Allow the plugin to automatically add all new posts to your site, or set it to manual approval.

Where to get this type of plugin: Curator or Elfsight

10. Facebook feed plugin

You can also embed your Facebook feed in your website. This is great for more traditional businesses and organizations that are using Facebook as their main communication platform. You can add your Facebook announcements and updates to your site automatically or require manual approval for all new content.

Where to get this type of plugin: Curator or Pixlee TurnTo

11. Customer support chat plugin

Many customers prefer to contact your support team via chat. You can add a customer support chat plugin to your website to make it easy for customers to contact you while they are browsing your site or logged in to your web app.

Where to get this type of plugin: Tidio or Intercom

12. Website feedback plugin

To create a high-quality, fully optimized website, you need a way to ask website visitors for their feedback regularly. Use a website feedback plugin that collects score ratings or emoji reactions so you can gauge satisfaction on every page. Some website feedback plugins also allow you to ask specific questions to collect more detailed feedback.

See More: Hotjar Shopify Tool: Boost Your Store Conversions

Where to get this type of plugin: Hotjar or InMoment

13. Product feedback plugin

A product feedback plugin is similar to a website feedback plugin, but it is designed for software web apps and mobile apps. Rather than just collecting feedback on your website pages, you'll be collecting feedback on your software's features. The plugin should allow users to submit new feature requests, upvote other feature ideas, and view your upcoming public roadmap.

Where to get this type of plugin: Frill or Canny

14. Website search plugin

Adding a search bar to your website is a great idea if you have a lot of content or products, and you want to provide an easy way for website visitors to find what they're looking for. You can add this plugin to the top of any page, or add it to the footer of your website so it's available on every page.

Where to get this type of plugin: Searchbar or SearchStax

15. Podcast player plugin

Does your business have a podcast? Then you'll want to add a podcast player plugin to your website to embed episodes in an attractive, useful format. You can add one plugin with a playable list of all recent episodes, or give each episode its own blog post and embedded audio file.

Where to get this type of plugin: Podcastpage or Transistor

16. Audio article plugin

Audio content is growing in popularity. 73% of American adults and teenagers listen to audio content at least monthly. Adding audio for each of your online articles can improve usability and SEO. Use a plugin that auto-generates human-like audio using AI so that you can effortlessly include audio versions for all articles.

Where to get this type of plugin: eMagazines or BeyondWords

17. RSS feed plugin

An RSS feed pools content from a blog or news site. This type of website plugin is great for syndicating content or including content from a site you admire on your own website without stealing or plagiarizing it. Instead, you'll be embedding the articles in an easy-to-navigate feed that gives the necessary attribution and backlinks

Where to get this type of plugin: Curator or RSS App

18. Proof of purchase plugin

To increase conversions on your free resource options or product landing pages? Try a proof of purchase plugin, a type of software that adds small notifications to the bottom left-hand corner of your website, letting visitors know whenever someone else has made a purchase. The notifications will often state the recent customers' first names and locations to offer real-time social proof.

Where to get this type of pluginProof or Fomo

19. Payment processing plugin

Many website builders do not come with payment processing or cart checkout features (unless it's a dedicated ecommerce platform like Shopify or WooCommerce). Typically you need to add this functionality with a payment processing plugin. Make sure to choose a trusted company that you and your customers are familiar with.

Where to get this type of pluginStripe or PayPal

20. Table of contents plugin

You can auto-generate and attractive, clickable table of contents for every blog post using a table of contents plugin. This is much faster than attempting to code an HTML table from scratch every time you want to add a TOC.

Where to get this type of plugin: Easy Table of Contents or Heroic Table of Contents

21. Search engine optimization (SEO) plugin

A search engine optimization plugin is a necessary addition for any website that will be optimizing pages and posts for SEO. With this type of plugin, you can add your target keyphrases and include them in your document titles and meta descriptions. The plugin will generate an SEO score and show you what optimization tasks you need to complete before publishing.

Where to get this type of plugin: Yoast or RankMath

22. Email newsletter opt-in plugin

An email newsletter plugin is a great way to convert more website visitors into email newsletter subscribers. This type of plugin usually offers a simple form requiring just the subscribers' email address, or maybe their email address and first name. You can then use this plugin to embed the form on any page, blog post, or website section you like, such as your footer or sidebar.

Where to get this type of plugin: Newsletter or Beehiiv

23. Free resource opt-in plugin

This type of website plugin is similar to the e-mail newsletter opt-in, except that it is typically more successful. By offering a free resource such as an ebook or template in exchange for the new subscribers' email address, you can improve your conversions. Use this plugin to add the opt-in form to your website and automatically deliver the resource via email to all new subscribers.

Where to get this type of plugin: ConvertKit or MailChimp

24. Pricing table plugin

Use a pricing table plugin to show the different pricing or subscription options for your software, memberships, or services. A pricing table is great for helping customers understand each item that's included and make the right selection.

Where to get this type of plugin: Crocoblock or Happy Addons

25. FAQ section plugin

FAQ sections are known to increase your chances of ranking blog posts and pages. An FAQ plugin makes it easy to add expandable questions to your website content without custom coding.

Where to get this type of plugin: Ultimate Addons or

26. Countdown timer plugin

Are you running a temporary promotion or selling a service that's only available for a limited time? Use a countdown timer plugin to add a countdown to your landing page. This increases FOMO and boosts your conversion rates, while also clearly communicating to customers that the deal won't be available forever.

Where to get this type of plugin: LogWork or

27. Weather plugin

Help all customers and visitors plan for the weather by adding a weather plugin to your website. A weather plugin is great for the websites of city governments, tourism agencies, wineries, outdoor venues, and other location-specific businesses.

Where to get this type of plugin: Weather Widget or Tomorrow

28. News plugin

Want to keep your website visitors informed of the latest news? You can add a news plugin to your website and curate news from select outlets or on specific topics. This is great for government websites, nonprofit organizations, universities, and sports blogs.

Where to get this type of plugin: NewsPlugin or EnvatoMarket

29. World clock plugin

With a world clock plugin, you can show the time in any city or country in the world. This is great for travel sites or internal company collaboration platforms where people are often scheduling calls with team mates in other timezones.

Where to get this type of plugin: WordPress Plugin store or EnvatoMarket

30. PDF viewer plugin

Use a PDF viewer plugin to embed PDF files in your website. Common use cases include pamphlets, brochures, cut sheets, and case studies. Website visitors can use the plugin to view your PDF content full screen.

Where to get this type of pluginPowr or CommonNinja

31. Digital magazine plugin

A digital magazine plugin is similar to a PDF viewer, but it's optimized for multi-page PDF files like digital magazines and catalogs. Website visitors can view the content and scroll through the pages.

Where to get this type of pluginFlipsnack or Issuu

32. Website pop-up box plugin

Want to grab the attention of everyone that comes to your site? Add a pop-up using this type of plugin. You can divert traffic to your pricing page or a specific free resource. Trigger the pop-up for all website visitors after a certain number of seconds or set up an exit-intent pop-up that only appears when visitors start to navigate away from your site.

Where to get this type of widgetEmbedery or ConvertFlow

33. Website alert notification plugin

You can add alert notifications to the bottom-hand corners of your website with a notification plugin. This is great for announcing new products, features, or other updates in a less intrusive way, as the content will show up in the lower portion of the screen instead of in the middle.

Where to get this type of widgetHellobar or Premium Addons

34. Website banner plugin

Website banners are great for calling attention to an important company update or current promotion. You can add a thin colored bar to the top of every page of your site and include a CTA button that visitors can click if they want to learn more about the announcement.

Where to get this type of widgetHellobar or Simple Banner

35. Video chat plugin

A video chat plugin is similar to a customer support plugin, except it encourages visitors to engage with you using a vertical video. This is great for software sales demos or service providers who want to impress potential clients with a humanized feel to their site.

Where to get this type of widgetVideoAsk or FacePop

36. Service packages plugin

Do you offer multiple service packages? Embed the information in your website to allow clients to choose the right package and pay for it online. A service packages plugin is a great idea for interior designers, makeup artists, stylists, and other personal and professional service providers.

Where to get this type of widgetDubsado or Honeybook

37. Contact form plugin

Your website visitors need an easy way to contact you and you need an easy way to collect leads. That's where a contact form plugin comes in. Use this plugin to ask as many vetting questions as you'd like. Or keep things simple with fields for the person's name, email address, and question.

Where to get this type of widgetJotform or Typeform

38. Related products plugin

Ecommerce companies can boost sales by adding a related products plugin to their website. Some of these plugins automatically suggest related plugins based on your website traffic and activity, while others require that you select the most relevant products to feature on each landing page.

Where to get this type of widgetGLO Shopify App or Woocomerce

39. User-generated content plugin

With a user-generated content plugin, you can add customer photos to your site. You might add a single gallery on your home page, or you might add specific product photos to each listing. When moderating user-generated content, make sure to add some automated filters and rules to get rid of profanity and specific words. This will save you a lot of time approving posts to be added to your website.

Where to get this type of widget: Curator or Bazaarvoice

40. Website analytics plugin

Google Analytics is notoriously complicated to understand. You can simplify your reports with a website analytics plugin that surfaces the most important data in an easy-to-view format.

Where to get this type of plugin: Analytify or MonsterInsights

41. Page builder plugin

You don't have to be a professional website designer to build a great site. You just need a page builder plugin with drag-and-drop functionality and tons of great templates. This type of plugin makes it easy to add columns and sections, then pop in the content you want (like photos, text, bullet points, videos, and icons).

Where to get this type of plugin: Divi or Cornerstone

3 website plugin examples

Check out these examples of the most popular types of website plugins in action.

1. Table of contents plugin

table of contents plugin example

This blog post on interior design welcome packets features a great example of a table of contents plugin. The table of contents is auto-generated based on the H2s and H3s of the article using Easy Table of Contents Pro.

2. User-generated content plugin

user generated content plugin example

Created with Curator's social media feed plugin, this gallery of user-generated content is the perfect addition to Visit Gulf website of Gulf County, Florida. Visitors are encouraged to use the hashtag #ingulf to be featured on their social media accounts and website.

3. Reviews plugin

website reviews plugin example

Rosedale Chevrolet uses a review plugin to showcase real customer reviews from DealerRater. This is a great format for website social proof because the third-party review sites gives more credibility than just embedding testimonials.

5 best places to find website plugins

To find the right plugins for your website, you need to check the app or extension store of your website builder. Here are links to the plugins stores of the most popular website builders.

1. WordPress plugins store

wordpress plugins store
If you're using WordPress as your site builder, you can find plugins on the WordPress Plugins store. Search from over 59,000 free plugins to add functionality to your site. Check this resource that highlights the top WordPress plugins to create and maintain your site.

2. Shopify app store

shopify apps and plugins store

You can find Shopify plugins at the Shopify App store. There are tons of options to help you grow traffic for your ecommerce store and convert that traffic into email subscribers and paying customers.

3. Webflow plugins and integrations library

webflow plugins example
If your site is built with Webflow, check out the Webflow Plugins and Integrations Library, where you'll find variety of extensions to help you improve the functionality of your site. You'll find plugins for class enrollments, payments, email marketing, and more.

4. Wix app market

wix plugin example

Did you build your website with Wix? Then you're going to want to check out the Wix App Market, where you can find plugins that help you add useful features to your site. Some of the Wix team's picks include a vacation mode plugin, a currency converter, and an announcement bar.

5. Squarespace extensions store

squarespace extensions and plugins store

Squarespace calls plugins extensions, and you can find plenty on the Squarespace Extensions store. Get extensions from popular marketing apps like MailChimp and EZ Texting or ecommerce extensions from the likes of AfterShip and ShipBob.

Interested in adding a social media feed plugin to showcase your posts or user-generated content? Check out Curator. is an easy-to-customize aggregator that lets you pull from over a dozen sources. If you'd like to give's free forever plan a spin sign up today.