How To Get The Most From A Curated Instagram Feed

Telling your brands story through images and video helps create richer brand experiences. To effectively tap into the power of visual storytelling, you need a curated Instagram feed. Instagram satisfies the craving for the immediate and the visual. With 1 billion people using Instagram every month, it’s not surprising that there are 25 million business profiles on Instagram. It's undeniable therefore, that Instagram has become a powerful marketing tool.

However, posting now and then isn’t enough. Curating an Instagram feed with the aim to optimise engagement requires work. As you have mere seconds to capture interest on Instagram, you need a feed that stands out. In order to achieve this, you need to dedicate the time and attention to curate an Instagram feed that ticks all the boxes for your target audience. That is to say, simply publishing content on Instagram now and then isn't enough. Whilst there's a vast array of businesses actively using Instagram, not all of them know how to harness the platform effectively. Therefore, building a strong and impactful curated Instagram requires insights that aren't always immediately obvious. Curious? Here are a few tips on how you can get the most out of a curated Instagram feed.

Establish a cohesive brand image

The trick to crafting a cohesive brand image through Instagram is consistency. Now, this doesn’t mean repetition - it simply means picking a theme and sticking to it. Pick an area that’s relevant to your brand or service, and opt for images that relate to one another. Next, ensure that the images and videos you select complement each. An impactful feed features images that work together harmoniously, to each bear a piece of a story that gradually builds and constructs an overarching brand image. Above all, the goal is to pull in content that complements and aligns with each other to create consistency.

Strategically opt for color themes and design touches that work well together. Think about how your images will appear in a grid formation and ask yourself – do these posts complement each other? A feed comprised of sporadic and ill-matched images not only appears unprofessional and messy, but it also makes your profile forgettable. Think about the immediately obvious details which stand out. Be mindful of the composition, tone and logo placement to make a strong first impression.

Abandon the hard sell

The beauty of Instagram means that you can tap into existing communities that are specific to your brands area. You can connect to millions of Instagram users across the world by posting content that’s interesting to them, with relevant hashtags. Your industry could be anything from food to sports. The rules remain the same. By curating your feed to include consistent and relevant content, you can transform feed into a source of interest and inspiration.

Generating this interest is key to attracting followers. Encourage profile visitors to follow you without a hard sell. A curated feed makes your audience feel more empowered and less targeted as customers.

So, if you're an outdoors brand you need to think about what your audience will be interested in. For instance, reposting images of unusual camping spots across the world will immediately appeal to your desired, set audience. Anchoring that interest is a really important way of building a following, as it offers your audience more than a hard sell. This particularly resonates with a generation of digitally savvy audience who treats Instagram more as a tool for discovery.

Final thoughts

To conclude, investing in a curated Instagram feed is a big step towards investing in your audience. A curated Instagram feed is critical to projecting a positive brand image. Therefore, it's pertinent that you pick an aggregator that you can rely on. Make the most of your Instagram feed with a reliable aggregator like Curator. Check out Curators features to find out how your brand can start benefiting from a curated Instagram feed today!